Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Torn.......

On this blog I get some of what I call hate mail from time to time.

I understand that I seem to post on politics and religion . You might say by doing so I'm asking for it.

After the Halloween post I got some emails that weren't very nice. I had to re-read my post to make sure I didn't come off as judgemental. I simply asked some questions and stated that I have a conviction.
I DO not think you are bad if you dressed your kids up or not etc......
In fact I did end up dressing mine up and we went to the church carnival. I was just stating that I do feel a little convicted about it and wanted to put the question out there to hear your take on it. I enjoyed all different views and even said that I feel that it is up to YOU and YOUR family and your own convictions. Will we dress up next year? I'm not sure. I will pray about it.

Please know that I am not perfect and don't think I am. I fail daily at being a Christian and raising my kids. I am just a mom trying to serve Jesus with all my heart and am trying to do the best I can at raising my kids to know Him.
And I'm sure you are too....
We are not a perfect family and we don't claim to be!

We may not agree on things but again this is my blog. I know people say to stay away from religion and politics but I believe that the world is what it is today:( because we as Christians are too afraid of offending someone.
We need to take a stand on things we believe in.
I'm not shoving it down your throats, I did not make you visit this blog.
After posting pictures of my kids in rainbow peace pj's not thinking anything of it...
I got 6 emails.
Not so nice!
I know I shouldn't let it bug me...

To be honest I go back and forth with this blog.
Why am I doing it?
Why not just do a private blog?
Why do I need strangers knowing my business?
Or why not just scrapbook?

Why do you blog?

I'm thinking of closing this down or maybe setting it to private.
I have been going back and forth for a long time but this last week I have really been praying about it.
I don't need the negative feedback. I don't know if I like putting my family out there anymore.

I don't like the fact that people come to look at this blog just to find the wrong in me.

Do I need this? NO

But then my husband reminded me of all the sweet friends I've made and all the opportunities that we have been given because of this blog. The positive emails I've had from people that have found this blog because it was public.
I'm torn????? I don't know what to do.....
Do you blog private or public? Why or why not? Do you talk religion or politics? Why or why not?
Do you share pictures of you kids on public blogs? Why or why not?
I'm honestly just asking, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong here!


Schultz Family said...

You ARE a light in this DARK world! You ARE doing ministry for HIS kingdom! You ARE NOT being judgemental! Pray about what He wants you to do with your blog and he'll reveal it to you. Just know that for all the crappy email you get, I'm sure you've blessed thousands more who you don't know (like myself). B/c of YOUR blog and the link to your friends blog about Halloween, my husband and I felt the Holy Spirit directly talking to us about Halloween and for the first time ever, we made the decision for OUR family, that it was not what God had Intended for US....OUR family! So I thank you for sharing your heart b/c God spoke to us personally through it! And we have never been more blessed on Halloween than we were this year with our 4 little ones. God had other amazing plans for us that day that we would have missed out on had we not listened to His voice. So thank you! P.S. Hope you're planning on bringing that RV to Orlando! :)

Anonymous said...

You inspire alot of people (me included), and I love reading your blog. There is no reason for anyone to be mean or judgemental towards you or anyone for anything! Yes, it's an open door and it's a shame what you are going through and I am so sorry. I tell my children daily, every day when I drop them off at school...What do you choose? They reply to me happiness, kindness and respect...I drill it into them...for now that's all I can do, live by example and hopefully they will be who God wants them to be, I admire you for the life you choose to lead, for you, your family and the future of your children, I wish I could do this but because I cannot I will never put you down for it...I will praise you!

Karla said...

We as Christians are to be a light in the world, and we ARE to be different. If we are blending in with the world and not ticking someone off, maybe we are too much OF the world and not just in it! You are doing an awesome job, Bridget, and I, for one, would be so disappointed to not be able to read your blog anymore. It is such an encouragement and blessing to me, not only in homeschooling but in parenting and marriage, as well. Please keep it up!

Jessica said...

I adore this blog! I think that you and your family are adorable and that there is nothing wrong with you sharing your opinions on whatever topic you feel led to discuss! God bless!

Nicholle said...

Im sorry that you have to go through this. How do these people know how to contact you? My blog is public but I only have family and friends as my followers. I know when it is public you can't decide who is going to follow your blog but to be honest, I blog so I can look back and remember all the family memories we had. A few months ago I went back to last year and it was so nice to remember those memories that I had already forgotten. I think it is important to blog and you should be able to say or state what you want to. I think you are an inspiration to a lot of people, I think the hating emails have to do with jealousy and it shouldn't be that way but that is how the world is today. This has to do with THEM not you. It is their issue, so don't let it get to you. I know it is hard but if you don't let it get to you, it will make you feel so much better. I will be praying for you Bridget. Just know you have many people that care about you. XO

Lauren said...

I love your blog, and it would be so sad if you made it private. Just think - of all the positive, encouraging comments and emails you, and all the negative ones too...how many people might be reading and not commenting? People who are encouraged by your honest approach to your life and walk? People whose curiosity is piqued by someone who is daring to be dramatically different? People who may wonder what it is about Jesus that causes us to press on despite scorn, derision, and even outright hatred?

I agree with the first comment - you are a light in a dark place. And not only have I found such joy and encouragement by reading YOUR blog, but I have also found other like-minded women and parents through the comments here.

I had my blog private for a while, and to be honest with you, I began to feel like I was a hiding my lamp under a bowl. :/ Not, of course, that I would think that was what you were doing if you were to choose to take your family out of the spotlight, but that is how I personally began to feel.

So my blog is public, and - as you know - I post pictures of my children. But the only real name on my blog is my own.

I don't stay away from talking about Jesus, because I can't separate that from who I am and why I do things the way that I do. I don't really talk about politics all that much, but that's because I don't feel qualified to carry out a debate on why I feel the way that I do about things like healthcare reform. I know what I think, and what physicians who I know personally think. (And we know quite a few, due to Hub's profession.) But (shrug), politics in general just became something that is so much smaller than God to me. So I now stay away.

All that said, I've had some awful comments before that I've deleted, not because I don't think that people deserve a voice in free speech, but because I don't want foul language polluting my space. I've gotten unkind emails, too. I've had people stop following me after I posted certain things.

(shrug again) Matthew 10:34-35

Deep breath. Smile. I think if you're being attacked by folks who are clearly not walking in Truth, then the enemy must think you're doing something pretty awesome for the Kingdom. Big hugs to you.

Scrapingirl said...

Please don't close your blog. You have such a blessing to me. I am encouraged when I'm done reading your posts. I especially enjoy the homeschooling ideas.

I started a blog for an online journal of sorts. But I am so glad I did. I have "met" so many wonderful ladies out in this bloggy world. I write what is on my heart, and if it offends people, I'm sorry. But no one is making you read this. If you don't like what I'm saying, click that little red X on the top of your screen. :)

Be encouraged and don't worry about the negative people. You keep posting on whatever God lays on your heart. {{hugs}} God bless.

carlisle clan conversation... said...

I am so sorry you have to even consider this Bridget! I love your blog and look forward to EVERY post! I don't have the traffic you do, but I blog about what convicts me and what I love. And because of that it includes JESUS, my family, political opinion, homeschooling, & saving money. Never be afraid to be led by the Lord! Hold on to: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:1-3 If he led you to it, he will lead you through it. I selfishly would love to still follow your blog: public or private, but do what is best for your family. I recently unsubscribed to a blog I LOVE, because it didn't line up with the word. Yours (in my opinion) does. However, as readers we can just not read. Simple as that. So if YOU...Mr./Mrs. mean reader don't like it don't read it! I however, thought as Christians we were supposed to build one another up. Bridget you obviously, love your God, your husband, your children and encouraging others...don't let anyone take that away, whatever you decide! Blessings!!!

carlisle clan conversation... said...

By the way...peace pjs...serious cuteness! CANNOT fathom where a yucky email could be prosed from that!

Following Forward said...

Hi again! I am so sorry you are faced with this decision! When you speak truth, and live as if you are not of this world (like we, as Christians, should!) you will always get those emails. It is a fact of the broken world we live in. I, personally, went private with my blog. Mainly because of the protection of my daughter. There are too many sickos out there that can easily find her picture and find out where we live. I was convicted, and didn't want to take any risks. I do still speak boldly about what I believe in and how we live out lives for God on my blog, and I know that my family and friends that are not believers still read my words, and I pray they speak to their hearts. In whatever you decide to do, never stop proclaiming the truth! :)

You are a great inspiration, Bridget!


Abbi said...

i am so sorry that you've had to endure this! this is terrible! you stay strong in your faith and continue to share God's word! we have to take a stand or no one will! you have NOT been judgemental at all!
please continue your blog and to spread his word!!

Anonymous said...

Well that is a bummer. Let me tell you, your halloween post made me think. First off, I love your blog, I think your kids are amazingly adorable and I envy you as a mother knowing that your are not perfect. I myself want to have 5 children and sometime I just go crazy with the 2 I have and I love to see that people can do it. Ive always said that I cant wait until school to get some peace around here but reading your blog has opened my eyes up to homeschooling and its something that is weighing on my mind.

Im not a very religious person, we go to church occasionally but we as a family love and pray to God in our home. Your halloween post made me think, alot. Good and bad because I did read all your comments and it actually confused me religiously but the good thing that came out of it is that I am now reading to Bible to make up my own mind about what I think and feel.

Again I love your blog and these negative people would be worse off with out people to pour their negativity on, so dont let them phase you and just know that there is seriously something troubling them that they need to figure out that has nothing to do with you.

Damaris said...

Hi Bridget,
I've only commented on your blog a few times, but read it all the time! I enjoy it very much and look forward to your new posts. (I check it every day! Sorry if that's weird or creepy! Heheh!) I think you have a very beautiful family and love reading everything you have to share with us. You've made me laugh, you've made me think, you've inspired me to stick with the breast feeding, you've inspired me to pray, to be more patient, to put bows on Ruby's head, you've even inspired me to start my own (lonely, ha!) blog to document moments of my kids lives that otherwise I know I would forget the details about later. And now I'm just a bit bummed out that your blog has opened the doors for other people to be critical and mean to you, and have bummed you out! (and might ruin it for the rest of us! those punks!) If having your blog public is giving you more heartache than happiness, then I understand why you would want to make it private. Dude, I would be bummed out too! Who needs that, right? Which is why now, you've also made me happy that no one reads mine! heheheh! I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make!

The Lazy Philosopher said...

Please don't go!!!
I love your family and blog. I love to read the things you do, the stand you take for Christ, and the witness you are teaching your children to be.

I love big families (7 siblings), and homeschooling (since 1st grade), and kids of all ages, and people who aren't afraid to raise their kids to be different.

We are called to be holy - which by its very definition means set apart and radically different. And if the Sunday morning only Christians are offended by those who choose to earnestly seek God's will... well, I'd rather offend people than be among those who God says He will vomit out of His mouth in disgust at their lukewarmness.
I cannot think of a single post of yours that I have disagreed with to the level that I thought it was any kind of personal, character, or Godliness issue with you or your family. I think you are all beautiful witnesses of who God wants us to be.
Why do I blog? It started to have an outlet for all my random thoughts that my (lucky) family no longer got to hear from me in person.
It is now an outlet, a place to rant, a place to share knowledge, a place to share links, a place to show off how much i know about some thing, or ask for information on things I know little about, a place to relate the hilarity that can ensue in the day to day life - i don't want to forget these things.

My blog is public though I have a miniscule readership. :o) Mostly family and friends, one or two strangers.
I chose to keep my blog public because I love discussion and I love to share what I'm thinking (and I keep hoping that someday I'll have enough readers to actually get feedback on my thoughts).

I talk religion often because I'm not ashamed and I have full confidence that I am right. :) I'm not disrespectful to others who may disagree - I welcome the challenge to defend my faith - but I am firm on what I believe.

I talk politics when I feel like it, but not as often. Mostly because politicians (of any side, opinion, etc.) usually end up annoying me. :) so I talk issues and awareness and who's being foolish this week.

I do not have children of my own yet, but I would (and plan to) post their pictures on a publicly open blog. I have and do post pictures of my younger siblings (while under age 18) with the full permission of their/our mother. I know that there are potential safety issues, but I am aware of these and feel they are not any greater risks than having a name in the phonebook, a child enrolled in a club/group/class, or walking in the park with the child.
I feel guilty now for not commenting more often. :) I do carry my laptop around to various family members often and read them something you've written, or show pictures and tell your stories. I send links to your blog.
I have been praying for your family daily since the whole mess with the house started.
And I've been secretly hoping you would drive your RV through OK so that I could meet you in person and give you a hug to thank you for raising a Godly family.

Whatever you decide - know that you are making and have made a difference in many many more lives than just the little ones that you touch every day.

Anonymous said...

Bridget - I am as polar opposite as one can get in terms of religion and politics (I'm an atheist liberal, woot!), but read your blog because I enjoy it. Even though 90% of it doesn't apply to me, I still love to read it and see your happy, well adjusted kids.

If you're the same Bridget I knew 10 years ago, then you're nice, sweet, thoughtful, and genuine. These qualities exist because it's WHO you are, NOT what you believe!

Anyway, ignore the hate mail (easier said than done!)... if an atheist liberal can read (and VERY MUCH enjoy!) your blog, then so can everyone else. ;)

-katelynn (from Chino HS)

Heather said...

It's a shame that people have nothing better to do than criticize your thoughts and beliefs! I LOVE your blog. I don't think you realize how much of an inspiration you are to a lot of people. I never even thought about homeschooling until I found your blog! And now I am hoping to homeschool our daughter when the time comes =) Through your blog, I also learned of the truth about birth control and have changed my life because of it! Through your blog I have become closer to God, and felt more comfortable talking about my faith and beliefs. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I just wanted you to know that I am a life you have changed through your blog =)

Brianna said...

Well I will be honest with you since that's what sisters are for. :) I don't think your Halloween post was bad by any means. I just think the comment about what your friend was dressing her kids like on your blog was not really nice. Whether it was right or wrong I don't think you should have put that out there for her to maybe come across. I think what you chose to do with your kids is your own choice and I don't think you really should worry about all the stupid emails and comments you get on your blog. Not everyone will always agree with everything you do. That's what makes the world go round. I think sometimes you tend to worry more about people judging you and you shouldn't. I think closing your blog and hiding isn't gonna do anything except amuze the people that don't agree with the way you live your life. I know it's not fun to hear negative things and I know people have gone overboard but I think your positive comments outweight the bad.

Here to Serve Him... said...

When people question my beliefs or convictions I find it a great opportunity to evaluate how "grounded" I am in what I believe. Do I know what I believe and why I believe that way...after all we are to always have an answer for those who question us...

But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed for their slander. It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. 1 Peter 3:15-17

When I am questioned, I always go before the Lord and seek His opinion...approval or correction. I'm learning much about this in the current Bible Study I am going through. Being who GOD wants me to be...doing what GOD wants me to do...being and doing in confidence because that's who HE created me to be! I just did a recent post about this on my blog...

We just recently started our public blog as an English project for our oldest daughter (she loves design/hates writing-fair trade) and as a way to keep in touch with relatives and friends who live far from us. We post what God lays on our hearts praying that through the Holy Spirit others will be compelled to seek Him more earnestly.

Remember you aren't going to receive the approval of everyone...that's part of being a "Christ-follower"...there's only ONE we should strive to please...our LORD!

Blessings to you~

Courtney said...

I have known you for quite sometime now and ever since I met you I knew you were a girl who stood up for what you believed in whether it was popular or not, ...(standing up to that crazy cheer coach, not going to drop names but you know what I mean and can't forget you standing up for me when the J.U.G.S were mean to me haha:) Anyways it is a very admirable quality and I think if you can get past the negative feedback and focus on the positives this will all blow over...seems you have become quite popular and being popular always will get you some Haters!!! So don't let the haters win and keep blogging!Love Ya, Courtney

Jen said...

Don't let those hateful emailers/commenters discourage you. I agree with you 95% of the time, and I consider myself super conservative. But I also know that God has given each of us (believers)the Holy Spirit. And what He says is okay for you, may not be okay for me, and vice versa. We are all at different stages of life, God may say it's okay for you to wear pants and for me to wear skirts. That is not for me to judge or question, but to obey. Your blog is an encouragement and blessing to many, don't let Satan (and the discouragers) have the victory. Keep your light shinging bright in this dark, dark world. Keep up the great work!

As a side note, my blog is public. I do occaisionally blog about politics and religion, but through your blog the Lord has convicted me about doing it more.

Jessica said...

well I don't know you, but I love reading your blog. I love just seeing another laid back mommy who homeschools. Totally understand if you stop doing it though. Can you make it to where no one can leave comments for a while? Please keep us updated on your road trip life coming up!

Valerie said...

It is your personal decision based on what's best for you and your fam so don't let me influence you but.....PLEASE DON"T GO!!!!! lol
I enjoy it. We must talk about things that are hard and controversial. Not always, but from time to time. IF you didn't discuss these things, then you wouldn't be giving an honest representation of your life. You do love Jesus, and He said himself, He would be controversial. You have to at some time discuss politics, because at some point that will have to do with your life, and your life is what we read about. I understand the things you are feeling. I have had "hate mail" in person for speaking on things. I always felt ashamed that I had opened my mouth and angry and hurt, until I turned to His word, and then He reveals to me His sweet voice, that says "I am with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you". That's when I realize, even if the whole world disagreed with me, I have my God and He is all I need. God gave us a mouth so He intends us to speak. However we must season our words with salt, and speak in love and truth. Everything you have written (at least in the few months I have been reading) has held itself to that standard. You were careful to season your words, you spoke truth, and love. Whatever you decide. I thank you for standing on the Lord, not the world.
I personally have a public blog, because I wanted to discuss controversial things and plant seeds in hearts that God had prepared ahead of time. And also I am a glutton for punishment..lol

Shannon said...

I think it is your blog and your right to post as you please and only God should be your judge... that's my two cents! If you go private I want be in (pretty please). I considered myself blessed to have met you in the bloggy world and I am so intrigued to get some insight into living on the road, also.

Debate can be fun, but when it goes beyond that people just need to go on and mind there own business. They have a choice to visit this blog and if they are offended then, they should choose not to. I know other people and their ugly comments can drag a person down. I've only experienced that once, but it is very hard to just shake it off.

As you know I post my kids pics and I do use their real names. What you will not find is our last name or our exact location because I just do not trust anyone that much. Southeast Texas is all they need to know. ;) I don't think you put yourself TOO out there. I have wondered why you have your email address on your blog, but I have found it useful for contacting you directly myself. ;) I don't think it is a bad thing, but that would be the first thing I would remove if I had negative emails coming in to me. Change that and see if it improves.... If they have to leave a comment to make contact with you the rest of us can defend you! ;)

And isn't it amazing that you reached Trish with that post!! You could very well change her whole life if she is now reading her Bible!!! Amazing!!

Courtney said...

I LOVE reading your blog. I wish we lived next door to each other (if you lived in a house still lol). This is YOUR blog not anyone else's. I hope you don't go private. You probably know that your never going to be able to please everyone, and everyone isn't always going to believe what you do. Keep on doing what your doing!!! I hope your trip planning is going great, and don't get too stressed it's supposed to be an adventure and learning experience!


Dionna said...

I just discovered your blog - I'd hate to lose you already!

I have a public blog for women. I post SOME pictures of my family here and there because it makes me and my life more personal and relateable to others.

I don't talk about politics too often but occasionally I cannot contain myself and have a passionate post with discretion. :)

I always talk about my faith. It's the main reason I'm out there.

Everyone has a different reason for blogging. If people don't like what you are saying, they don't have to visit your blog. I know the unkind comments can hurt at times and I'm so sorry for that. But the beautiful cameraderie that is to be gained by going through life with others is such a jewel.

Shannon Hartz said...

Bridget, I hope you do decide to keep it public. I'm amazed at how many people you have reached. You have a ton of followers, but I'm sure many more who just stop by. Not only are you encouraging to so many moms out there, but often you are convicting and inspiring. Think of the huge opportunity you have to reach others and share about Christ. It amazes me how blogs have literally opened the mission field up right from our own homes. I have a public blog, but it is mainly just about my kids. I started it to keep in contact and updated with family around the country, and it's an easy way to document things for my kids. I have to admit though, I have been convicted not to make it private, but to make it more. To start sharing about more significant things and convictions that I have - religion and politics. I hope you do feel led to continue to share:) You've been a great encouragement to me.

Cecilia said...

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
(Matthew 5:10)
Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.
(Matthew 5:11,12)
All men will hate you because of me. But not a hair of your head will perish. By standing firm you will gain life.
(Luke 21:17-19)
It breaks my heart that people could be so cruel. But it's not you! Your blog is awesome, inspiring, truth, loving. I will pray that you will do what the Lord prompts you to do. Be it, lay low from here or continue to be bold for Him on this blog. God bless you and your family.

Susan said...

Dearest Bridget,

I am sad that you have received "hate mail". I don't think anybody should ever feel entitled to send "hate mail" ever. Now, if they want to share how they feel about things with you, that's another story, but I'm sure that's not the sort of mail you're referring to.

This is your blog, and you should feel free to share or not share whatever you feel like. On my blog I've decided not to share about very personal things regarding my family life, though I do make mention of parties and dates and whatnot. Mostly I am refraining from sharing about the bathroom habits of my children, what my husband's pet names for me are, and so on. I have a family blog for those things (not that I share pet names there, either!). Many bloggers refrain from sharing even the names of their family members.

The blog I share publicly is pretty much exclusive to my thoughts on various subjects, things that make me happy, and so on.

Finding a "balance" or "purpose" as a blogger for each specific blog can be tricky - as are most things in life.

I will pray for you that you are able to find this balance and to define your blog's purpose. And, again, I hope you will do the same for me.

I feel very blessed to have known you for so many years now (not that we've seen each other in over 10 or more, but so what???).

Blessings, Susan

summur braley said...

Girl, Keep on preaching the word! My blog is public. For those that happen upon it I see it as another way to spread the gospel:) Keep it up, and pray for the haters:)

Simply Blessed said...

I blog privately. For the same reason. Negative comments, and judgement of people is something that I don't feel I need to be burdened with. I am just like you. Trying to be the best Christian, wife and mother. I too am not perfect, and I found that peoples curiosity bothered me. Plus I have a couple of 'stalkers' that google my name online over and over again (ask Brianna, they've visited her blog too LOL). I just dont like people being able to see where we go and what we do... or steal pictures of my kids. It just kind of freaks me out. I love that you post about religion and politics. Christians NEED to have a voice... so I understand you doing it publicly. You have to pray and do whats in your heart. And know that we love you :) and your convictions! Either way, I pray you don't stop blogging :)

audrey said...

It is because of YOUR BLOG that I did some research of my own and decided to stop using chemical birth control. You have also raised my awareness on abortion topics, our shrinking population, and given me another reason to want to homeschool my children. I know I don't comment very often, but I LOVE reading your blog and get excited when I see that you have a new post. Please don't make your blog private. I honestly can't even remember how I found your blog, but I'm so glad I did. I'm sure there are many other "mediocre" Christians like myself out there that you have inspired to live more passionately for HIM. Plus, I can't wait to read all about your fun travels!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Do ot let others who are rude and judgmental and plain unhappy that they cannot be such a light as you, ruin what you are doing!!! (run on sentence...I know).
YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL FAITH IN THE LORD! And you are willing to allow the Lord to show you things that he may not want you to do! Not all Christians do that! That is the fullness of the Lord!!!! I have struggled with private or public blog, pictures or no pictures. That is up to you! The fact is that there are a lot of not so nice people out there! It is sad, but true! All I know is that you have been such a joy to get to know! I admire that you put yourself out there without sensoring what the Lord is showing you! It gives others in the same boat the strength to know theya re not alone!

Jo Jo said...

Hey Bridget,
As Christians our ultimate goal is to love people and bring them to the knowledge of Christ. I believe that you do that in this blog. You are the only Jesus many people encounter and by closing your blog, those people may not ever know who Jesus is.
I work for a pastor and he's received a lot of "hate mail," in his time as a pastor (I know because I receive all his emails!) however it has not stopped him from preaching or standing up for what he believed in or putting himself out there. If he had stopped, there would be many people today who would not know the Lord.
You have a huge following because people are intrigued, inspired, and educated by you. You spark up discussions and challenge people to think about things from a different perspective. Keep being a light in the darkness. How cool will it be when you get to Heaven and Jesus shows you all the people from the blog world who are there because you blogged. That far outweighs any negative comments or hate mail. Your blog is a blessing!

Debbie said...


I don't have time right now to read through your MANY comments, so I apologize if I repeat something someone else may have already said better. I for one REALLY enjoy your blog. I think you are being used by God right now to reach and inspire many. The evidence that you are effective is in the negative responses you have received. The enemy would love nothing more than for you to hide the light you shine for Him, somewhere where no one else in this lost and hurting world could ever see it. What a shame that would be as far as I am concerned. I'm sure it is diturbing and overwhelming to receive in essence "hate mail" and I in no way want to minimize that, but Jesus was very clear when He said, He came to divide this world. You are either for Him, or against Him. You have never written anything to be even slightly judgemental or self righteous in my opinon. Your post on Halloween WAS simply you asking what someone else felt the Lord was telling them. It is a HARD topic and I applaude you for having the courage and conviction to bring it up, and to post some thoughts from both sides of the fence in your comments. I have struggled with it for years. I have also struggled with the rest of the issues you brought up as well. Do I use my blog ONLY for Him? Do I post only fun and light things leaving the spiritual aspect out? Should I post pics of my darling grand babies? How much of my real heart should I share? Do my spiritual posts offend those who don't know Him and follow my blog? Should I have two separate blogs? And on and on. The conclusion I have come to is, I will pray about EVERYTHING I have written before I click publish, and follow His leading. I have decided to write my spiritual posts on my regular blog (I started with two and kept it separate) in hopes that something I might say could lead another to the Lord. I can't help myself, I will post pics of my adorable grand babies. The world deserves to see them, haha And I will write from my heart as it is all I know how to do. The Lord has blessed this, and my blog is starting to grow. But yours is GREATLY blessed and you shouldn't give up. Maybe you could remove you e-mail address from your profile so only friends can e-mail you. When you see the beginning of a negative message, simply hit delete and try not to read it. I'm sure that would be hard. Now, I have written as long of comment as many others and you will have much to read over and think about. I have only commented you a couple of times and I have not heard back from you, and that is totally OK. I just want to encourage you to continue on. You have really blessed me and I am sure MANY MANY others as well. God bless you and continue to bless this blog, Debbie

tammy kay said...

Please don't close it down. If you do though I hope that I can view it.
I love your honestly and the fact that you aren't afraid to stand or say what you believe.
It's refreshing to read something from a like minded sister in Christ.
As for the PJ's. Seriously people. Seriously.
I want to hear more about your travels. What are ya'll traveling in, where are you going, when do you leave, etc.
Looking forward to many more post!!!!

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

I have nothing more profound or better to say than what's already been said, but wanted to add my support. You bless so many through your blog, including me. I'll be praying for you, and take care,
Hon! Blessings, Kate

Bianca said...

I'll keep this short and sweet:
Dust your shoulder off and shake off the haters.

Maybe set your comments to private, but don't go private with your blog.

Furthermore, the haters are boosting your blog stats so maybe you should thank them ;) Hahahahahaha!

MyOhMy said...

Oh please don't go {{begging}}. I haven't read the other comments yet (but will go back later and read them) because I didn't want them to sway what I wanted to say to you. I so adore your words of encouragement. We don't know each other, but I resignate with so much of what you have to say. I love your passion for your kids. I love your passion for Christ. Sometimes I feel so "different" because I'm a SAHChristianM and it's just nice to know that there are other moms out there that have similar views. (I even love it what we have the same blog background - LOL) I posted you as a favorite under FRIEND blogs because we may not meet on this side of heaven, but I feel that you are my sister in Christ. I only wish that other moms (myself included)were bold enough to write about how they REALLY feel. Taking the negative feedback is hard and I've often wanted to shut my blog down too... the sting is just so deep sometimes. If God leads you in that direction I just wanted you to know that you would be missed. {{I would add in more begging, but it's not very lady like :)}}

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I look forward to it everyday. I find it to be so interesting and I can't wait to see what you post everyday.

Blair from Texas

Tina Gallaway said...

I would be so sad if you stop blogging but I understand if you decide to do so. It is unfortunate that you get "hate" mail. I would miss seeing your sweet angels and hearing about your wonderful adventure!

Ruth said...

I don't think I have ever commented on your blog, but wanted to put in my two cents. You're courageous and speak for the Lord! It stinks that people would send you unkind emails. The Lord has blessed you with a gift for touching people. Maybe the people who spew ugliness are chafing from the truths that you bring to their notice. I enjoy what you have to say. You say many things that I wish I had the confindence to say. It is not easy to forget what others say especially when it is hurtful! But I would like to encourage you to continue writing and sharing your life publicly. I want to read about your journey! My husband can't do anything like that with his career, but I wish he could.

p.s. Cute pjs!

Ali Richardson said...

Hi Bridget,
I don't know you, I'm just a mom that enjoys "blog snooping" on blogs that belong to friends of friends. You and I have completely different views on things, but I completely respect your beliefs and the fact that you live your life accordingly. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of your adorable family. I also like the topics you discuss and questions you raise. It's important to hear all sides of things and even to "agree to disagree" on some things...as long as both parties are well informed (which you definitely are). The reason I decided to leave a comment is to say that my blog was once public, and now it's private. I am not a paranoid person in any way, but I am starting to lean that way when it comes to my young children. Someone recently has stolen pictures from my family blog (when it was public) and they created a facebook profile in my name. They have even gone as far as to update it with things like "today, Ali is with Noah." "Today, Ali is loving life." etc. Creepy right!? They have friend-requested several people (some I know, some I don't). I have tried to tell Facebook about it, but they won't do anything about it. And, because it isn't under my e-mail address or password, I can't do anything to stop it. It creeped me out enough to keep my blog private from now on...for my invited friends and family only. Just wanted to share my story in case it helped you make your decision. People are creeps out there, and who knows what they are capable of. This blogger guy contacted me once (before my blog was private) and called me out on "putting it all out there for every pedophile and crazy person to see. His blog is called "stalkers in paradise" and he creeped me out as well! Anyway, it's a touch call because you seem to have a lot of lovely and perfectly nice followers. I wish you luck in making the right decision for you and your family.
Good luck with the road trip, sounds like a blast!

Susannah said...

Oh Bridget, Please don't go private! You are such an inspiration, and I really LEARN from your blog-I think no matter what you say, someone will have an issue with it. Just do what God wants you to do, and keep spreading the word. Seriously, I think your blog was MEANT for that! Chin up girl!

Elizabeth said...

Hello I just found your blog ... so i hope you don't go private! I thought the pic of your kids in the peace jammies was fantastic and I wondered where I could get some (for me he he).
I hope you get lots of supporting comments because a blog should be a safe place for you to share your thoughts etc. I'm sorry that people sent nasty comments... what a waste of energy that could be used for good.
Take care

Anonymous said...

It's because of your blog that I decided that I need to go to church again. Whether or not you decide to keep your blog open to the public, just know that you have had a big impact on many people's lives.

Hollie said...

i love your blog of course and love what you say on it. It is YOUR blog so you can say whatever you want on it, even if some people view it as judgemental. If they don't like it, they can choose not to read. But I don't think you ever say anything judgemental, you simply share your thoughts and beliefs and do not sway from God's word, which I respect and love. Continue to do what you're doing. love ya!!

The Beaver Bunch said...


Don't you dare let someone with a negative, sassy attitude deter you from blogging OUT LOUD.

Don't you dare. Or I'll drive to Cali myself (okay, not REALLY) and harass you myself!

Joyce said...

I just pop in from time to time but will throw in my .02 here. I just really don't get why people need to be hateful when commenting on a blog. Even if you are in complete disagreement with the writer isn't there a nice way to express that? Why be nasty? A blog is just one persons take on life. And its their blog. And there must be a trillion blogs out there. Seriously. No shortage of blogs to read so I don't really understand those people who continue reading somewhere that makes them so angry.

I think if you enjoy the community then keep it public.

Jen said...

I think many people are on different levels of parenting, spirituality and self growth. Regardless if we all agree or not, I truly feel people are drawn and find a parallel to what you bring. Taking a risk discussing controversial topics will always bring resistence, but there will always be those negative people, who honestly probably wouldn't be happy with anything you say. You are nothing but positive and self-less when discussing your family and I admire that. It's a breath of fresh air and inspiring!

I say weed out the bad, don't allow anonymous posts and keep going. Don't they say you should go out on a limb from time to time because that's where the fruit is? ;)

Lisa Hunter said...

I found your blog through Shannons, I kept coming back to read your posts because I felt like I related to you. Your posts are from the heart and inspiring. They always make me think. I have a blog, it's not private. I don't post that often and it's really all about my kids. My Mom and MIL love it, I do it for them. I only have a hand full of followers. I never post about where we are going, it's always after the fact. I think it's awesome that you have developed such a following and really, those who don't like it. don't have to read it! I think you are doing the right thing in standing up for what you believe in. The best thing you can do right now is pray about your decision!
Even though I don't even know you, you have inspired me! I hope that you continue :)

Mary F. said...

I'm a mom of 3 who's probably the complete opposite of you (I'm Jewish, and a staunchly liberal Democrat who believes in evolution, choice, gay marriage, and stem cell research). Could we be any different?!

But I love reading your blog, especially the homeschooling posts. I also find it pretty fascinating to read about your beliefs and how they lead you to raise your family and educate your children. A different perspective is good for the mind. I don't think you should let the negativity force you stop blogging... then they win out.

The Happy Campers said...

Bridge,as others have stated, if someone is offended it is by the truth of what you said. There are plenty of "I personallys" and "Me, myself" and "Your own" thrown into this post. if someone skipped over those then, you've hit a hot spot and the Lord tells us that we will receive persecution for His namesake. Keep saying what you say and say it with love. He'll defend you when it's needed.


Ice Queen said...

Bridget . . . don't you dare shut down your blog page or make it private! You are a blessing to me and all the others that look forward daily to reading what God had put in your heart! Who is it that said we should avoid discussing religion and politics? We are put on this earth to please GOD, not man! Besides, this is YOUR blog page and you can post any darn thing you want on it! If they don't like it, then DON'T read it! There are thousands of other sites they can navigate to.
:) Keep up the good work!

4kidscrazy said...

My dear friend please don't go away :( I love your blog and want to smack anyone who has bad things to say. I want to know why the continue to read it if they get mad or disagree??? I read it because I love to hear about all of your adventures and we love and miss you guys. I hope you do keep it up and if you do go private at least I know you will allow me to read ;) don't worry about what other think because you are a refreshing breath in a world full of stinkers!!! Love ya girl!


Franco Five said...

Hi Bridget, I am one of those that looks at your bog almost daily because your an amazing encouragement and inspiration, oh and lets not forget how beautiful your family is to look at.I was reading one of the girls comments and she was sharing how there is so many people out there that don't comment and thats me so I thougt let me share this with you so you can be encouraged by that.I've been wanting to comment but I always have so much to do and I said nope toady is the day to comment! I hope you don't stop blogging youv'e truly have been such a blessing in my life and I have so many questions.Continue to pray and the Lord will direct you. Lizzie

Kim said...

I like your blog, even though I do not agree with some of things you put on here. Some people have to realize that just because you disagree with someone, you don't have to get nasty about it or leave negative comments. Maybe the people that are leaving negative comments are feeling guilty because they know that it is right deep down in their hearts. Remember that the race is not given to the swift or the strong but to the one that endures to the end. Nothing was wrong with your post about Halloween, you just stated your opinion.
About home-school, you have shed a different light about homeschooling to me. I do not plan on homeschooling because I work, but I am taking a vital role in my children education. To make sure that they are getting the best possible knowledge that I can give them. Thank you for that! BTW you have a beautiful family

Edwards Family said...


I don't have much to say because I just read 1/2 of the comments already posted and woman how could you even consider making your blog private?! You said you received some negative comments regarding Halloween and the rainbow pj's (I didn't even notice) and look at all the positive comments you got just from this ONE post! You are such a blessing to the blogging world, you have inspired many woman and have guided the way with your awesome light for many who were lost (myself). Please don't go private..:(

hrw102779 said...

For purley selfish reason I don't want to see the blog go away. I don't blog because my husband and I can't agree on what content would be acceptable by both of us to have posted. I would want photos of my kids, he feels it's not safe. I find the good in people, he looks for the bad. Thats why I don't blog....that being said you blog has inspired me. As a fellow homeschooling mom I have done a few of the field trips that you guys did after you posted about them. I love seeing how happy your family is and look forward to hearing about your adventures. This is YOUR blog you should have the right to write about what ever you want. If I don't like it, I can look away. Those who degrade, and tear you down based on what you post need God more than anyone else at that moment. THose people are trying to find fault in you in order to feel better about themselves. It's not right, but maybe, just maybe one of those persons has had a change of heart at a later date, maybe because of YOUR blog post that they didn't like after they wrote mean and hurtful things God touched them in some way, and changed their heart. You & blog bring joy to many.
But please post if your going to close it down, so we can at least say goodbye...I need to say goodbye when I feel I'm loosing a support advocate.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh Honey... so sorry you are even dealing with this question.

All I can say is my own experience. I haven't ever gotten anything but just sweet love and encouragement on mine. That said, I don't put much on my blog that can be polarizing- not because I don't feel strongly about things, but because it's not really the venue for my blog. I suppose one could say that I write about frivolous nonsense. :)

However... I am sure the day will come when I get a comment that stings. I try really hard to prepare for that mentally by just thinking, "everyone is entitled to their own opinions" and those opinions won't always be mine. I hope that I can just let those people have the voice that they so desperately think they need to have, and I can just brush it off like it's not a big deal... yet, I'm a very sensitive person and I doubt that I will be able to do that! I hope I can though...

You should just keep doing what you do, because you're a sweetheart and the world DOES need more precious little things like you in it!

Much love,

ajnrileysmommy said...

hey bridge...can i call you bridge? :) you better keep blogging - for REAL!! and i totally think we would be good friends in real life. dorks have to stick together these days! haha!love your posts too!

Anonymous said...

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Winston Churchill

Thought I'd share my favorite quote with you. Seems appropriate. Love and miss you! Trisha (your aunt) ;)

Adrienne said...

Don't throw in the towel. You are doing God's work here. I don't always understand why people have to be so negative. That is something you have to be ready for anytime you say what you are really feeling, especially as a Christian. You have a lot of support behind you. Keep it up!

Laurel said...

So, I just read almost all of the 62 comments, and I think it is pretty clear ...


You are reaching a LOT of women. You are leading some to the Lord, and leading other's that are already Believers deeper in their walks with Christ.

I DO UNDERSTAND the negativity. Oh yea! I understand. However ... the enemy wants us to buckle under the pressure. He wants us to close up shop and keep quiet. Yes he does.

However, the Lord wants us to be BOLD ... speak OUT ... share HIS WORD with the world.

Keep preachin' it sister. And ... just email me when you're having a bad day and want a big sister's shoulder to cry on. I have been so excited since finding your blog, and have such a passion to come alongside younger women who are passionate about raising their children to love and serve Our Lord.


mama of 13

Joyfulsister said...

Hi sweet sister..
I was visiting blogs and found yours and read this post, you must be doing something right why else would the enemy try to start a mess. Remember when the Lord starts blessing.. The devil starts messing!!!. Jesus wasn't popular at the things he said at times, in fact look where he ended up .. ( crucified) because he stood up for what he believed and stood by it.
Don't let others stop you from writing and sharing what is in your heart. Halloween has always been a touchy subject and people always will have their opinions!!

Let your light shine and remember in the end of it all it will be you and the Lord and he will say well done thou good and faithful servant.

Hugz Lorie

debbie said...

"Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven" You know that all that matters in this life is that we bring Him glory, He will take care of all the things that concern us. Continue to live your life to please Him. Love you my daughter, and am very proud of you.

debbie said...
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