Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Much To Blog......So Little Time

Life is just crazy right now. With moving, school starting next week, birthdays, weddings, and sick kids, and 4 days in the hospital....and to even think of blogging about it makes me dizzy.

So, I'm going to just sit down for a minute and not get too creative because my brain is not working and is on overload...
So just bare with me and my misspelled words, bad grammar and sorry excuse for a blog post.......thanks!
This poor girl had a ruff week......

but she is out of her ugly hospital gown and back into her fashionable clothes again!

What happened????

Well....let's go back to Monday
A very unprepared mommy took her kids to the beach. She tried to pay for parking but because of California budget cuts they had raised parking from $10.00 to $15.00.
The mommy didn't have that much cash on her and they didn't take plastic. Then the mommy didn't realize that you had to pay $1.00 to take the tram across the street to the beach. The mommy was a bit frustrated but kept cool. She met up with a friend and together made their way to the beach.

The mommy didn't even bring any of her kids bathing suits...DON'T ASK!

She just planned on showing them some tide pools, but it was high tide so they couldn't see anything.
The kids were sad!
The kids went in the ocean anyway and at this point the mom really didn't care!
She just stayed far away from them so nobody would know they were hers.

The mommy just watched as her kids played in the water in their clothes and saggy diaper. Not only did the mom not bring swimsuits but she didn't even bring swimmers.
Her poor children.

You could tell it really bothered them that they had to play in their saggy sz 3 too small of a diaper.

The mom was so busy taking pictures of her poor children from a far that they almost drowned...

Then the mom was going to let all her children burn because she left the sun block back in the car. She had to bum some off a friend and pretty much used all of it.

The mom about had it and was ready to go home. She was beyond tired. She told all the kids to rinse off all the sand and then just air dry. The mom didn't even bring towels for her poor children either.
So the kids went to rinse off and out came the little girl named Faith screaming her head off. The mom thought her daughter was being dramatic and told her to suck it up because she thought it was just a bee sting.
The mom then looked at her daughters leg and tried to pull the barb out. The mom was feeling really guilty at this point and just wanted to cry. The mom stopped and told herself to suck it up.
The mom soon realized her daughters leg was swelling up and she was in a lot of pain so the mom went to the visitor center to find out what she needed to do. (At this point the mom looked like a packed mule with a bunch of homeless half naked children following her.) There they informed the mom that the beach has been having trouble with sting rays. The mom wondered why they didn't have a sign posted warning people of this. From their the mom raced home with a screaming child and other complaining children because they were itchy and sandy. The mom called the doctor and the doctor said...... there is not much you can do. It's very painful and as long as she doesn't have a fever or trouble breathing your ok. Just soak it in hot water.
The mom did that and soon saw the daughter was running a high fever and was having trouble breathing.
The mom knew she must be having some reaction to the venom. The sting wound was turning red and was hot to the touch. It even spread. The mom took the little girl to ER and was rushed in and admitted right away.

The mommy and the little girl hung out together and had the most amazing bonding time ever. It was scary, and a rough week for the whole family. The youngest baby doesn't take a bottle and had never been away from her mommy overnight. She did fine the 3 nights she was away and took to the bottle. The mom on the other hand didn't take so well...The mom has nice friends who got things taken care of at home like buying crickets for a starving bearded dragon and taking care of things that were falling between the cracks while at the hospital. The mom also has family that helped watch the other kids.
Faith also got pneumonia too while in the hospital.
The mom got a lot of reading,thinking and praying done while the little girl slept.

The little girls daddy raced up to the hospital every night after work to be by his baby.
When the little girl was feeling better they watched movies, made necklaces,colored,ate chocolate covered edible arrangements,read and talked about girl stuff..It was like a slumber party!
The little girl also enjoyed getting waited on and loved driving the nurses nuts with the call button. After about a night in the hospital the little girl wanted to go home. She cried and missed her brothers and sisters. After 4 days she finally was able to go home.

The little girl wants to thank everyone for all their prayers and presents.

She also still thinks sting rays are cool and that her mommy is the best mommy in the world even though she is far from being perfect.


katie said...

It's such a blessing that Faith is home safe with her family. What a scary week. Thank god she is ok, she has been in my thoughts and prayers all week. I hope your family is finally able to take a sigh of relief and relax this weekend.
Thanks for the update!

Scrapingirl said...

After Steve Irwins run in with a stingray, my kids were very concerned. But we are all so thankful that she is OK. You should be proud of your calmness. I think I might've left my kids at the beach while I ran franticly to the hospital. :) Good luck with the first week of school.

Anonymous said...

What a cute story Bridget, love how you told it! I will be calling you this week, we are officially moving in and I have ton's of boxes and wrapping paper for you.

Happy Sunday,

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Dear god, woman learn to spell before you homeschool! It's "Rough".

Simply Blessed said...

I love this post. You are such a great (real) Mom. None of us are perfect (or have perfect grammar), but you still do such an amazing job!!!

Michelle Bradley said...

So glad she is feeling better! :)

Simply Blessed said...

Ps. Why do people think being 'anonymous' entitles them to be so rude?? If they are so irritated, why take time out of their lives to read your blog? Shame on you anonymous!

Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was raised in the South Bay and never EVER had anything like that happen (to myself or friends). Poor little girl named Faith. What a trooper!

Mommy done real good!!! HUGS!!!

Jen said...

Wow what a day!...that led into 4 more long days! You are a very stong mommy. I am glad that Faith is doing well now. :)

Sam said...

God bless her she's such a trooper! I am so glad she is better and able to be home!

Brianna said...

Anonymous: Yeah cause all other teachers in the world are perfect right? Get a life!

Bridget: Glad Faith is finally home we were so worried about her!

Adrienne said...

I am glad to see Faith is doing better. You are an inspiration...I could not even keep it together when one of my TWO children got hurt last week. It all starts over today, thank God!

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

Inspired by you! said...

You are such an inspiring mother and seem so level-headed. I can't imagine what you went through this past week, but you seem calm as ever!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous (alias coward).....did you not notice he doggie above her head...gosh get a life...oh my mom says anyone that says anything bad about someone is JEALOUS!!!!

You go Bridget.....

I know I was not nice either....

Anonymous said...

oops...before you say anything...I know how to spell "the"......

Happy Sunday!


Shannon Hartz said...

Oh so glad you're all home and healthy:) How scary!!

JenCoen said...

So happy to hear... y'all have been in our thoughts and prayers. xoxo

Loni's World said...

I loved the post. So glad she made it home and is doing better.

Pssst... Only cool Moms would let their kids go to the beach and get in the water without swimsuits. (LOL) Uncool Moms would say no because they didnt have the right clothes.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

SOOO glad she is feeling better! We have been praying for you all!

Courtney said...

I thought she spelled it "Ruff" cause of the stuffed animal doggy laying above Faiths head! Glad Faiths Better and home:)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

OH MY GOODNESS. That must have been so scary!!

I hope all is better today... sounds like it's on the up right now...


Anonymous said...

Well I just started reading your blog....Im so busy with 2 kids that I have not had the chance to finish reading but have wanted to comment and say how in aww I am of you as a mother and family. With 5 children you seem to have it all! I AM jealous! haha, Im glad your little girl is better! Take care.

Megs said...

I am so glad to hear Faith is ok and out of the hospital. You make me so tired reading and thinking of all that is going on right now in your life! You are Wonder Woman to me:) I am praying for you friend!
Love ya!