Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She's 1-derful!!!

and her mom is crazzzzy! She gets a theme in her head and watch out!

There is so much you can do with watermelon.
You can easily plan an entire party around a watermelon theme. You can even plan games using watermelons as props. Toss them, roll them, throw darts at them, carve them,weigh them,put oil on them and try to swim with them. See what I mean? Versatility!
I got a little out of control but what's new.

I found this cute little t-shirt at Gymboree. Then I made her this bow and re-decorated her old Christmas tutu to match.

The goodie bags. Watermelon flavored candy from the best candy store in town... Logan's candy.

and these tags I found on ebay

we all know I'm no Martha Stewart but I still wanted to act like it. These didn't turn out as nicely as I hoped but like I said, I tried:)

again I tried. This is suppose to be a watermelon cake in case you can't tell. It's even watermelon flavored with chocolate chips (suppose to look like seeds)which I noticed a lot of pieces thrown in the trash.
OH, yeah Bridget this is soooooo good NOT! haha

At least the kids liked the cake!

I also happened to find these cute watermelon suits at Gymboree on sale for the girls. They were perfect for the party:)
The watermelon balloons and everything else I found on ebay too. So really the planning was just click, click easy. Too bad I couldn't order the watermelons from ebay! That would of saved me the trip to the market with all the kids. You should of seen me trying to push a cart full of watermelon and kids. I would of seriously paid the shipping price...yeah that's how bad it was. I could of sworn I had stare written on my forehead!haha

Here kids play with some knives...

Finley with some of her GREAT grandparents. Finley actually shares a birthday with her GREAT, GREAT grandma. She lives in Texas and turned 92 this year. We called her and wished her a happy birthday and I think she is more with it than I am.

When the present comes wrapped in comic paper we always know it's from Great Grandma Ryan. Isn't that a cute idea? The kids look forward to their comic wrapped presents. I think I'll carry on this tradition.

I know I made the bow a little big but it's her birthday. Every girl needs a big tutu and a big bow on their birthday!

and some cute bloomers and painted piggies:)

She sure is one in a mellon:)
Forget the kisses give me back my cake!

And for the winner of the name that photo is.......My sister Brianna

"If you drink don't drive take the watermelon cart"

I promise I am not playing favorites but I really did think that this was funny especially coming from a girl who has pregnant brain ha!

Thank you everyone for playing. You all had me laughing!
After that trip to the store trust me I needed a good laugh!


Anonymous said...


Simply Blessed said...

Thanks for having us!! And thanks even MORE for not posting pictures of me in my bathing suit!! LOL The kids had SO much fun and I think your cake did taste good :) We all had a great time :) And Finley was way too cute!

Nicholle said...

What a cute party! You are so creative :) I love that watermelon line. TOO CUTE! Looks like she had a great party :)

Michelle Bradley said...

what a creative idea! Looks super cute :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Such a creative and fun party!

Loni's World said...

Looks like a nice refreshing party.
Love the theme.
Happy b-day Finley!!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

Awww. this is soo cute!!! I love love love the tutu!!! How did you get the perfect size? I always make mine too long!!! Teach me master... ok, that was corny ;)

Shannon Hartz said...

Oh Bridget what a cute cute party!!!

debbie said...

You did a great job! The pictures of Finley are sooo cute. I need to get some to put in frames.

Anonymous said...

You should do a post one day on how you make the kids hair bows. I have tried ones before, but I always mess up. Yours just look too cute!What an awsome birthday party!

Anonymous said...


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