Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things going on this week!

1. 15 days left of school!

2. We are decorating the nursery.

3. After finally deciding on a VBAC, I now have placenta previa. I go in for an ultrasound today to see if my placenta has moved. If not I will have a scheduled c-section.

4. Austin got a filling on his first cavity today. (and he's the kids that doesn't eat sweets and brushes his teeth more than needed.)

5. I am having to return my beautiful necklace Faith got me for Mother's Day. (After finding out she STOLE it)...I am making her march back into the store and pay for it and her father and I will be making sure she doesn't EVER pull something like that again!!!

6. I have a wedding to do Saturday (12 updo's.)

7. I fired my house cleaner, but I think I am going to re-hire her after cleaning the floors on my hands and knees yesterday.

8. The kids and I have been doing alot of advertising for the family business. (We got 3 new accounts this week)

9. We are going to look for a new car on Sunday. (When the baby comes we will not all fit in the car we have)

10. I cleaned all the closets in the house (I think I'm nesting!)

11. I THINK Landen is getting over the terrible two's. (He's been really good all week)...I hope I didn't just jinx myself

12. Farrah still refuses to walk ( I will be carrying two babies on my hip this summer)

13. I need to start planning the kids birthday parties. Faith and Landen's birthday is in a couple weeks (I'm just so partied out!)


Loni's World said...

Dang now I am tired just hearing all of that! lol

Andrea said...

You have a lot going on this week-you are a super mom.

I don't know how many c-sections you have had, but I have had five. Ugh is correct. They were all (lazy and confused) breech babies and one with a BIG noggin. I think after the initial one, the rest are smooooth sailing. It's also a very good reason to rest afterward!