Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Flower For Mom

This past Mother's Day I didn't get all the cute handmade gifts or cards that I have in the past when my kids were in school :( Their teachers always had them make cute crafts. I guess I thought maybe they would do it on their own this year(ha) or their dad would do it with them. (ha again!) I did do one writing assignment with them for Mother's Day I forgot to share.
They each had a flower with the word "Mom" in the middle and on each petal they had to write something about me.

Austin wrote : MOM
She buys me things I need and want.
I love her for having me.
I love that she loves me.
I love that she gave me a brother and sisters.
She is a good mom.
She lets me have pets.
She cares for me.
She gives me lots of food.

Faith wrote: MOM

She helps me with math.
She wears cute clothes.
I like when she listens to Jesus music in the car.
I like when she has babies.
She lets us go on field trips together.
She is the best!
Mom, I love her so much and she loves me and I love her but I love her more!
She is a good lover.

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