Friday, May 16, 2008

GROUCHY MOMMY was over 100 degrees! Pregnant+Swollen=Grouchy Mommy. Days like today I miss living at the beach and I miss our house that had a pool :( The sprinklers and little baby pool, just doesn't cut it in this heat. Thank God my friend called and invited us over to go on their new water slide. The kids had so much fun, we just had to get one for our own backyard! Who wants to come play?


Schultz Family said...

Wow...I feel so blessed to have stumbled across your blogspot. It was truly "a God thing" as I searched for homeschool blogs. I am beginning the adventure next year and am soooo thrilled that God has entrusted me to do this with my four little ones. Thanks for sharing your heart and your love for Jesus to others!
Shannon (in Orlando, FL)

Aimie said...

We are free tomorrow to come and try yours out! How about 1:00? :)