Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I know my oldest child is only eight but I still feel it's important to pray for their future spouse. Being that who they marry is a very important part of their future I pray for their future spouse's all the time. Some people may think this is wierd or not give it much thought but I started doing this since the day each of my children were born. We can dedicate them to the Lord and raise them to know him but to continue to pray for their future and who they marry is just as important.

This decision is more important than their education or their career. The kids and I often talk about this together. I feel that it is never to early to start to prepare them for this decision.
I want my children to marry someone who values God and family most important. I've seen in my own family when someone does not marry into this how hard it is for everyone.
What kind of family will your children marry into? It will affect your grandchildren and great-grandchildren for generations to come.

When we pray, God wants us to be specific in our prayers. If we follow Him, he wishes to give us the desires of our hearts. What does your heart desire? One of the things I very much desire for my family is for my children to grow up and marry men and women who love and seek to follow after God with all their hearts.

I heard a teaching the other day on praying for your kids future spouses. It made me think about it and last night the kids and I were talking about their future spouse's. Faith said, Mommy do you think it's ok that we not only ask God to make my future husband love Jesus, but can we ask Jesus to make him have black hair, brown eyes, and no beard! She also wants to make sure he will be ok with having 10 children. We all laughed! But really...Out there, somewhere, is the future wife or husband of your son or daughter. God knows who your child will marry.

Of course my children will ultimately decide who he or she will marry. What is important is that my children understand what an important decision it is to choose a life partner, so that they will not make this decision lightly. My children know I pray for them. I pray with my children so that they know what it is that I wish for their lives. When my children are old enough to date, (AHHHHHHHHHHH) (which I am not looking forward to) I will encourage them to pray about the people they spend time with. We talk about good and not-so-good qualities in a future spouse. They know they want to marry someone who loves God!

We all want what is best for our children, and the person they choose to be their spouse is perhaps the most important choice they will ever make. That decision should be theirs, but if you pray for them God will hear your prayers and will help to prepare your child's heart and the heart of their future wife or husband for the marriage that God has intended for them.


maddy m said...

u hav reinforced ma belief...mothers will always be mothers!!!!!
my mother has started thinkin abt ma marriage nd m jus 17 .....gawd ur lill fellows are even below 10!!!god made all mothers from the same mould!!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for your comment! It is nice to see you expand on this thought :). It had never occurred to me to include this in a prayer until I heard it in a conference.
My eight year-old is already planning her life--husband, pets, job---twins (?!?) ...it's sweet.

Your children are beautiful! You are very blessed.

Aimie said...

This is why I want to be more like you. You are a wonderful mother. Your children are so blessed to have you!

Brianna said...

I hope you weren't talking about my husband? haha jk

Sarah said...

amen amen amen!! Some of my friends and I joke that maybe we should bring back "arranged marriages." Our kids wouldn't know any different, and then we could be sure they'd marry into a godly family! hee hee!
Seriously, though, it's so good to remember that God loves our kids even more than WE love them, and that praying His very best for them will only be to His delight and glory! Amen!

La Familia Garcia said...

That is so awesome! I thank my parents for praying for me a Christian spouse...how cool...they prayed for him...your kids will thank you.

Shannon Hartz said...

It's so true. I pray every night for their future spouses, and for the homes they are being raised in. I have journals that I started for my kids when I found out that I was pregnant, and I've writen some prayers out for them and their future wives/husband. As I've looked back into my childhood I've realized how important frinds were in my life as well and what a huge impact they had. I've started praying for their future friends as well. When I think of all that the future holds, it's kind of overwhelming, but exciting. I have to agree with your frind, I think I like the idea of arranged marriages:) Somehow I have a feeling my little ones wouldn't though.