Friday, February 26, 2010


13 weeks into our trip and we have traveled to 26 states....
Don't we look tired?

I still can't believe it! Are we really doing this?

As we drive down the highway we both look at each other and just laugh!

I guess because it's something we never thought we would really do.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all the emails and comments on the "YOU" post. I really love hearing from you. I must say I have a great group of readers. Did you read those??? If you haven't check out the comments you can read them here. Feel free to add yours. I feel really honored that you take the time to read and follow our journey. Thank you!

It's so nice to know I have so many of you who support us and pray for us. I really hope I get to know you all more.

It's starting to get really cold here again and I don't know how much more cold this California girl can take . Although I talked to my cousin in NY and he said they got 2 feet of snow in the last 2 days. So, it could be worse. It's been a crazy winter.....I am so looking forward to spring. I want to start enjoying the outdoors more. I mean really! Do you know how much extra laundry we have because everyone has to bundle up in layers!

But for now we're keeping busy with indoor stuff....

Here's the kids sitting on a bench.
Not just any bench....

We took a trip to the Tennessee State Museum. There we learned about the battle of Franklin and how it was the bloodiest of all the battles in the Civil War. We also learned a lot about Andrew Jackson. Things we have never heard before....
We are getting so much history on this trip!

Here is what they call a "war log" (a tree trunk) from the battle of Franklin. Still had cannons and shells in it.
Faith lived out her dream of doing a recording in Nashville. They made their own cd. Move over Sugarland.... there's new kids in town. Really cute!
We ate lunch at the Aquarium in the Opry Mills mall. We sat around the 200,000 gallon aquarium. The kids ordered really expensive kids meals which they didn't even eat. They were too busy looking at all the different fish. It was a really huge mall, and we needed to walk off our food. We visited the Gibson guitar showcase and more.

But what I've really enjoyed is lovin' on this little one. At the Safe Haven family shelter. The only shelter in Nashville that lets families stay together.

We brought crafts for the kids and Austin, Faith and Landen played with them while Daddy stayed home with the baby girls.

This is us on our tour of the house and learning how Safe Haven works. Their mission is to empower homeless families with children to live independently through social, financial, and faith-based guidance. That's Stephanie the volunteer coordinator. She's such a sweetheart and has the cutest Tennessee accent. (this picture was taken late at night after a lonnnnnnnng day!) ha!

We also visited the Rescue Mission where we saw a line of homeless people waiting to get in. The homeless rate has's sad! They said they could really use the blankets. They were happy, not only because they were warm but because they were new:)
A really bad picture of me.....but here's me lovin' on the baby some more:)

We stayed at the shelter for 4 hours tonight, just playing with the kids, talking and helping out! I met some really neat families that just happen to be going through hard times. Their stories are heart breaking......
This is a friend Faith met while going to the post office. She hangs out there all the time. This week Faith was able to bring her a warm blanket.

Tonight when I was tucking the kids into "the couch bed" where they all sleep.....

they prayed and thanked God for a safe campsite to stay in and a warm RV to sleep in.

Before this trip, they took their beds and the roof over their heads for granted.

We feel really, really blessed!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In Five Lines or Less.......

I want to hear from YOU!
I love Facebook for a lot of reasons. One though, is catching up with people I haven't seen in ages...
over ten years for a lot of high school friends.

One of my high school friends and I reconnected on Facebook and she wrote on my wall:

Nice to see your face. So, catch me up to your life in Five lines or less. Can you do it?

So here's what I wrote back:

Married my high school sweetheart (you know the hot football player)
I'm a stay at home mom of 5 kids, but we never stay home.
Still the same nerd I always was.
At the moment we are on an adventure of a lifetime.
I'm a Christian and try to seek the Lord in all I do.

So, now I challenge YOU to tell me what you're all about in five lines or less. Can YOU do it?

I think this will be a great way to get to know some of my readers. If I know you already, still please share!

I'd love to hear about YOU!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Parthenon and More.....

We see evidence of ancient Greece around us every day....

Well, not this kind of evidence, unless your in Tennessee.

Being that the Winter Olympics are going on I thought it would be a great time to go over the history of the Olympics, study ancient Greek and visit the Parthenon.

Our world would be a very different place without the art, literature, theater, science and philosophy that came from Greece. From the constellations we identify to the Olympic games held every four years, in the stories we tell and the movies we see, in the architecture of our houses, churches, and public buildings. Even in what we wear (Nike) and teams we root for (or against) are named after Greek gods. (Tennessee Titans)

The kids played Bridge to Terabithia

and found a long vine to swing on...

The swinging vine was actually quite fun and "strong" ha!

Then we left Tarabithia.....
We enjoyed some nice sunny days here in the mid 70's but now it's back to cold 30's:( Our church's Jr. High Ministry made blankets for the homeless and sent them out to us. We are passing them out to homeless. With this economy there are many homeless on the streets. We spent some time yesterday at the Safe House here in Nashville. We toured the place and met some families who live there. (I'll post pictures and more on that later) I got to love on a 7wk old in the heart just melted! I can't imagine being homeless and having a newborn. We will be going back on Friday. We have delivered over 15 blankets so far. Thank you to the Jr. High Ministry at CCCH! Many people are warm tonight because of you!

We are loving the country!
Who knows maybe this blog will turn from "The Road schooling Ryan's" to "The Ryan's Ranch" in the future.

This is the longest we have been in one place. We are enjoying TN and spending time learning and volunteering....
Because after all Tennessee is the "Volunteer State" ya know!
We like TN so much we have become "fans!"

We will be here for another week and then.................

On the road again! I just can't wait to get on the road again......

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Only Took 18 Months......

for little miss Finley to break out of her shell...

For those of you who know Finley, know how shy she is.
It's very hard to get her to crack a smile or even talk.
She's my shy one....

But I think that is all about to change!
She is becoming the family clown...
and giving Landen a run for his money...
OH no!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shopping and Giveaway!

Easter is right around the corner...
wasn't it just Christmas?
To make it easy on you, order from Chez Ami!
Place an order before this Wed and save!

You know I love matching outfits, bows and of course anything monogrammed!
That's why I was happy to do a review for Chez Ami!
Great quality...reminds me of a cross between Gymboree and Pottery Barn.

I'm ordering this for Farrah..... (I just love the bright yellow!) But I'll ad an "F" to the front. Then I can pass it down to Finley and it will work. See naming your kids with the same 1st letter isn't only cute but money smart hehe!

and this for Finley....( polka dots and a ruffle butt oh my!)

and look at these....

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It's a beautiful sunny day here in Nashville, TN
So we are outside enjoying the day and learning about......

Static electricity.....

you know,"net electric charge"

negative and positive electrons

and of course how to ZAP your parents!

Hope your enjoying your day where ever you are today. I sure hope your having a better hair day than us too:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RV sweet RV

this post may contain too many pictures of the author herself. Too many "Ha!" may have been used in the making of this post and too much bragging on family members ... VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

After a week away....
I'm "home" with the rest of my family. OH, how I missed them.
While I was gone...
The RV got clean and organized
the boys got haircuts
Maggie got groomed
potty training in full effect
meals (healthy even) were prepared
school work got done
laundry is clean
propane got filled
Valentine day made special for kids
and the list goes on......

What a guy!
Daddy even attempted to do the girls hair ha!

Not bad for a "Daddy Do"
He knows how important it is to me that the girls have their hair done and look half way decent before they go outside:)ha! We don't want to "look" like we live on the road now do we? ha!

and to top it off he even sent me flowers for Valentines Day to my moms house! Tulips too! I love tulips!
It's not like I just left my husband for a week, I left him for a week with 3 kids stuck in an RV park in the snow, while I went and enjoyed sunny weather out in CA!
What a guy!

Let me back up....
We left at 5:00am last Wednesday from Nashville (where it was snowing and still dark out)
Just as the plane was about to take off I got a text from my sister that she is headed to the hospital and she "thinks" she's in labor.

I text her back and tell her I will call her when I land in Dallas in a few hours. We saw the sunrise from our window. I love this shot Austin took...
You can see the moon, the sunrise and the beautiful!
This was Austin and Finley's 1st time on a plane. Austin enjoyed flying...
I wish I could say the same for Finley:( ha! She screamed most of the flight and wanted to run up and down the aisles.

The only thing that would make her happy was if I rocked her and sang, "Jesus Loves Me." I'm sure the other passengers would of rather kept hearing her scream than my singing ha!....but I enjoyed her sweet snuggle time.

Then we landed in Dallas and I called my sister. No answer! So I called my lil sis and she said," Brianna is at 4cm." I told her to tell Brianna to cross her legs and I'm on my way ha!...I figured she had a lazy uterus like me and she would maybe be at 6 or 7 by the time I arrived at the hospital.....
as soon as we landed in Ontario I called and all I heard was, "Waaaa, Waaaaaa"
My eyes teared up and I looked at the guy next to me and said, "she had her, can you believe it?!" He didn't seem to care or even know what I was talking about,but I was in shock! I missed it! But was so excited my sis had such an easy delivery and was already holding a beautiful healthy baby girl!

Brianna was actually suppose to pick me up from the airport...but I guess she was just a little busy and couldn't ha!..
We got a ride from my Dad and headed over to see little miss
Berlyn Marie
7lbs 2oz

(most pics taken with phone)

and just holding her was giving me baby fever all over again! ha!
Like my good friend Marsha would say when she holds a sweet smelling newborn, "I think I'm ovulating!" ha!

But because Walmart parking lots aren't too romantic ifyouknowwhatImean??? I think I'll get my baby fix from Berlyn for now:)ha!

Aut lovin' on baby Berlyn...Finley is in love with her new cousin too!

Austin had fun showing off his "road jacket"..........

we enjoyed eating at some of our fav restaurants back home and most of all enjoyed spending time with family and friends!

I stayed a couple nights at my Grandparents. My Grandpa slept on the couch and insisted I sleep with Grandma. It was a special time with my Grandma. What 30yr old married women gets to spend the night with her Granny? We spent some time with my in-laws and Great Grandparents as well. We laughed as we watched some of our road trip videos so far....

I spent a couple nights at my parents house.....

My mom surprised us with a Valentines Dinner! I missed my babies and husband (1st V-Day in 15yrs away from him) but had a nice sit down dinner with my parents. What a treat!

I booked a full day of hair appointments (payed for our trip out) and got to see some of my friends while we were down. I sure wish I had more time to see more of you while I was there....But between a new baby to love on, a big family to see, business stuff to take care of,an orthodontic appointment and pediatrician appointment was just too short of a visit! But too long away from my babies!

I'm sure you understand!

It sure feels good to be "home" wherever that is!