Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Never Know What The Day Will Bring.....

Road life is never boring that's for sure! When you wake up to start the day you never know what you will see, or who you will meet.

I've uploaded some pictures of our time spent in Nashville (so far). They are all out of order so bare with me ......

We went to visit the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (the most beautiful hotel I have even seen!)

There was so much going on there that night.......

The Tea Party Convention!

Blissdom Bloggers Convention (I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers) This is Christine from Dates to Diapers.
She's a homeschool mom of 6 and runs an amazing blog business! It was nice to chat with other bloggers and even pick up some tips. Thanks girls! We also met a family with ATI ministries that invited us to work with them on a project here in TN for a couple weeks.

We met former senator John Louden of MO. and his family. He showed us around the hotel. They homeschool their 5 children as well. We will be visiting them on our visit to MO. next month. He then introduced us to some friends who help organize the Tea Party. (Great learning for the kids) Austin also charmed a reporter and got in the the Tea party as a "journalist in training"

Farrah was bored with all this Tea Party stuff. We told her if she behaved we would take her to ice cream.
it worked! ha!

Mommy got interviewed by fox news for Bill O'reilly. Sharing my thoughts on Sarah Palin's speech and how I felt about her running for President in 2012. Still looking for a link to that for you. But here is a picture of me trying to act smart ha!

Our family was interviewed by Italian TV and some other news channels as well. I guess they thought we were interesting??? ha! We met with a couple reporters for news articles too. We felt famous for a second. ha!

Inside the Tea Party.

After talking with some people, I was asked to talk on a conservative radio station in St. Louis next month. Main topic will be homeschooling. I'm excited to talk, but I'm sure will be nervous. I'll be sure to link you...please pray for me:)

This is us walking around the beautiful hotel!

The ice cream as promised!

The hotel had live plants everywhere and a river that ran through it.......we even took a boat ride around the hotel. Very romantic -(minus) the kids ha!
Are my "ha's" annoying? I'm beginning to think so too...oh, well! It's my way of letting you know I'm joking.
I've been told I post too many pictures of myself on my blog and I'm full of myself......oh, well on that too (I'm not full of myself) but here's another picture of me with the kids....

lots of waterfalls......these pictures don't do it justice.

we took a tour of Studio B where many famous artist recorded. Including Elvis!

It's been raining almost the whole time we have been here:( It snowed a couple days too. No big deal, we're use to snow now.
(do you see Elvis on top of the building) I just saw this when I was uploading it haha!

I am LOVING Nashville....sure makes you want to turn up the Country music and bust out some boot scootin boggie.

We went to a couple museums including Charlie Daniels Museum and Dukes of Hazard.

We ate at Cock of the Walk. Worlds famous for catfish and a bunch of other fried foods. But we had to try it!

Faith in Studio B pretending to be singing......

Lots of live music.........

Dancing to Elvis singing, "How Great Thou Art" in studio B where that song was recorded...very cool!

and we got some Elvis DNA by sitting at his piano.

I will be flying out in the morning to CA. I won't be posting and didn't have time to schedule posts for the week....

I'll be back next Wed and I'm sure I will have SO much to share......including pictures of my new baby niece!

Please pray for me as it is so hard to leave Faith, Landen and Farrah behind. I know Daddy will take good care of them. I have never been away from them this long. Please pray my sis has a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

And please make sure to keep my husband in prayer that I can come back to a RV that's not burnt down!


Lauren said...

Haven't commented in a while, but as always, I'm so enjoying reading your updates! :)

And I definitely don't think you post too many pictures of yourself on the blog - silly jealousy birthed that comment, I'm sure! I love seeing photos of the people behind the keyboard on blogs, because usually we're the ones behind the cameras. ;)

Hoping and praying a safe and peaceful journey for you to CA!!

Raelyn said...

I will be praying for you all. Enjoy your time with your extended family.
And I LOVE the pics of you. I always wished people posted more pics of themselves.

Laurel said...

Too many pictures of yourself??? WHATEVER!!! You're lucky to have a husband that will take pictures. When people look at all of my scrapbooks, they often comment that I'm not in any of the pictures. :)

I just sent you an email about the ATI Ministry. Would love to "chat" about that.

Don't worry about your kids with their Daddy. It is GOOD for daddies to be in charge sometimes. I'm sure they will do GREAT! Have fun in CA, and don't worry!


mama of 13

The Beaver Bunch said...

Yes. You are SO self-absorbed for posting pics of your family on YOUR blog.

Geesh. What kind of a mother/wife are you that you think it's acceptable to post photos of your family?

Get a grip Bridget.

;-) TOTALLY kidding.

thechattymommy said...

I love your blog! Way to live a dream and enjoy your family!!!

Laura said...

Safe travels back to CA for you and the kids! I know you all will miss each other, but those pit stops are often necessary. Best of luck with the appointments for the kids.

I live so close to Nashville and have grown up going there very often. Can you believe two of my Proms in high school were held at the Opryland Hotel?! It was soooo beautiful -- it always is!

Sounds like you had a very exciting time at the hotel with everything going on! Glad you all are enjoying our part of the country!

Can't wait for more updates from you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your "has!" They make me laugh while I am sitting here at the computer. My son keeps turning around and giving me strange looks. And it is nice to see everybody in the picture, just keep ignoring those rude comments!

Rebecca Lynn said...

pictures are our best memories!!!
Keep having fun and be safe traveling home, I don't blame you for being nervous about leaving the kiddos with Dad, I'd be the same way. We have eyes in the back of our heads and I'm not sure they even have eyes or ears!!!LOL

Loni's World said...

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts, have a safe trip!

Robin and Stephen said...

I think that person must have been jealous of your beautiful self! I love that you post so many pictures and pictures of yourself! Keep posting pics! Glad you all are having a good time. Praying you have a safe trip and daddy and the kids do well while you three are gone!

GrOwTh SpUrTs said...

What radio station in St. Louis?! We live here and listen to a few of them! I'd love to hear you! And I know I have said it before, but we can totally meet up in the city for some yummy lunch! Kids, hubbies, and all! So let us know when you head this way!! BTW, we LOVE the Opryland Hotel! We honeymooned in Nashville and spent some time there and we stayed there for our for our 10th anniversary last year! Oh and I am SO jealous that ya'll got to be there for the Tea Party Convention! Awesome!.....Praying for you to have a safe trip to CA and back! Enjoy becoming an aunt again! God bless!!

Amy said...

Okay, so what if you are self absorbed. This is only your blog for your memories. Um, let's see, post all the pics of YOU that you want. LOL
Amy in Ga

Christine - @YoungMommy said...

It was fabulous to meet you last week... Your family is even more gorgeous in real life!

Praying for you and your family as you travel back to California. Enjoy the time with your sister!


Anonymous said...

Still prayin for you guys. Hey, if I had strieght white teeth,and pretty, I'd actually try to be in more pictures with my kids, and I'd try to smile more often like everyone says I should. I'm not a fan of old black and white pictures where everyone looks like their in a mug shot. Your kids will never forget the pictures, and the will have a huge treasure to share with their own,and with Mom in the pictures.

Dionna said...

Loved Nashville when we went there summer before last. We'll be stopping there again briefly this year on our road trip. How did you like the Dukes of Hazard museum? Is it worth checking into? Not sure if we'll have time. We went to Sun Studios too - great place.

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Wow, you look like you had fun.

Valerie said...

First of all, soooooo jealous! I would love to have gone to the TEA party convention. Second don't worry at all about posting pictures of YOU! we love you and your whole family. If you excluded pictures of YOU from your family then it wouldn't really represent YOUR family then now would it?? love ya girl, even though you have never met me!! We are sisters in the faith and I get so much encouragement from your blog.

Hulst mommy said...

I can't believe someone would say that you put too many pictures of yourself! Hilarious! I love that you put yourself on here, most bloggers I know leave themselves off intentionally.

I love following your road trip. I too am a Christian and can't believe all of the wonderful opps the Lord has blessed you with on this adventure. So cool!

After discovering your blog I told my husband (a pastor) that we should minister from the road and travel! He just smirked. Oh well, maybe one day we'll be called to a wild adv like yours. I love it!

~Kori (in CA)

Kadi said...

What an awesome trip! Glad you all had fun!