Saturday, December 5, 2009

Texas continue...........

Finley all ready to go hunting....

We have been to 8 states in a little over a week.

(We have that little state sticker map on the side of our RV where we put a sticker on each state we have been to.)

The kids look forward to putting that sticker on and we make a big deal out of it.

"Ok, kids sticker ceremony time!" Then they fight over who gets to place the sticker on the map....good times!

We have a list of things we want to see and do in each state and then we move right along to the next.
We are hoping to see most of the 50 states but we'll see!
We are all having the time of our lives!
The kids seem to adapt to just about anything. All the time changes and sleeping arrangements.
We have a route made up but it's not set in stone. It's just kind of a guide line. I've worked on it for the last couple of months. Researching all the places to go and making reservations. I have a folder of printed coupons and a set budget for each state (it's part of our math too)
Believe it or not...most of the stuff we have planned is free!
If not I have researched and figured out the cheapest way to go....
And thanks to a lot of friends and new bloggy friends you have hooked us up too!
We can't thank you enough!!!!

Here's us at the Cowboy stadium.
My Dad's a big Dallas Cowboy fan so we took some of these pictures for him...

I figured I'd give my Dad my best cheerleader pose...

Too bad just as I walked away from this pose I slipped in those pretty boots of mine and made an even bigger fool of myself.

Another thing on our list of things was to take Austin to Austin.
He has always wanted to go there.

We took a little tour inside the capital building....

Austin gave me a hug and thanked me for naming him after a capital. I guess he thought it was cool. We didn't name him after the capital of Texas but we let him think that for the day......He felt special. ha!

Then we had to hear from Faith all day, "Why didn't you name me after a capital?"

And can someone please tell my husband, just because we live on the road we don't have to "look" like we do. He has decided not to shave and has a beard!
I think I'll play by the same rule then...see how he likes it haha!
Then we can look like the rest of the people at the truck stops.

It started to rain pretty good in Texas the last couple days we were there. But that didn't stop us from having fun!
Here we are at the Alamo.

We watched a movie on the history and the kids did a scavenger hunt. Then of course they each got a badge to add to their jackets.

We also went to the Riverwalk and ate at a Texas steak house.

And this last picture is for Papa(one eyed pea)

Love, Landen (your blacked eyed pea)
Goodbye Texas it sure was fun! Hello Louisiana......


Laura said...

Bridget, What fantastic memories you are making with your family!! I love getting to ride along on your blog. And BTW...I imagine my hubby would look the same on the road. : )

Brianna said...

Tell Justin if he grows out his beard then your gonna have to grow yours out too! HAHA

Jenn said...

I Love San Antonio! Hope you guys are having fun...can't wait to hear what you guys do in Arkansas!

Braley Mama said...

What a great experience!
My husband can find any excuse not to shave:)

ajnrileysmommy said... KNOW you wanna come to nh!!! it's sooo beautiful with the fresh snow :)

Rossie said...

What fun!! I talked to Tara the other day and she told me all about your meeting...God is so awsome the way He puts people together! If you make it to Montana...let me know!! We live way up by the northern border, but we could come to you too!!
I am so enjoying the pictures and look forward to hear about all your future adventures!
Happy Travels!!

Bianca said...

I LOVE watching you travel around :) Thanks for posting!