Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns

God is SO good!
I keep saying that!
The more I see of this beautiful country and all His amazing creations I am even more in love with Him.

We took the kids to the Carlsbad Caverns.
If you have never been there, you HAVE to go! It's a must see!

We put Maggie in a kennel for the day. She has been such a good dog. I am really glad we brought her (I can't believe I'm admitting that!)
She is so loving and also very protective. She is also my running partner. After being in an RV for hours Mama needs some fresh air and a nice run.

It's so fun to teach the kids on the road. I also enjoy that Dad has become the teacher too! It's so fun to do school as a family and learn together.

We kept singing that song "You Are Amazing God" as we walked through the caves!
(of course we had to whisper in the caves)
Farrah kept saying,"Jesus made this! Jesus made that!"

The kids did the Jr. Ranger program.
They interviewed the rangers and completed a booklet depending on their grade.

They announced their names on the loud speaker and the kids got badges.
They have collected 3 badges so far. And we are looking to buy them each a jacket to sew them on. "Their road jackets!"

Saying their pledge. Faith was so serious when taking the pledge, I had to laugh. Too cute!
The kids learned about bats and even got to "meet one."


Anonymous said...

well I am just as happy to see this all through you all...God is good! May he keep you all safe!

One day I will be able to see all that he has created...

Bless you Bridget..your doing good!

Happy trails


Loni's World said...

Keep posting I love all the adventures! :)

Sounds like so much fun!

Susan said...

I love the idea of road jackets! Or you could pick up some sashes (the kind created for boy and girl scouts) and use those.

What an awesome field trip :O)

I especially love that your husband is now a teacher now. My hubby is also doing a lot more teaching this year, and I am so thankful and grateful.

Have fun!


Laurel said...

We LOVED our trip to Carlsbad Caverns a few years ago. Great place!

Did you see the bats when they go back in the caves at dusk? Amazing!



carlisle clan conversation... said...

So fun! We are super close and have never been. Need to add that to the calendar! Glad you guys are having a blast!