Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Falcons Playoff Bound

(Austin quarterback #1)

What a night! The tide finally turned in the Falcons favor. With 17 seconds left in the ball game last night the Falcons were down 18-12. All hope seemed to be lost. I prayed hard from the sidelines and cheered the boys on with what little voice I had left. But with a top hat and a magic wand the Falcons pulled a trick play that was only practiced once. Player Isaiah Gray had clear sailing as the Wildcat defense was fooled with the fake by Austin Ryan and Eric Hubbard. All the parents were screaming and standing to their feet in the bleachers. It was so exciting I almost broke out in cheer mode and did a kick and a toe touch! But God know's I would of been back in the E.R. with a broken ankle again! The Falcons scored with only 8 seconds remaining in the game. The PAT made the final score 20-16 in the Falcon favor. GO FALCONS!

Falcon's are playing their first Playoff game this Saturday against one of the best teams. If they lose they are out of the championships. But after last nights win the boys are ready!

Now for some more bragging...
Today in the Falcon Update it read:
The Falcons have an uphill battle if they want to become the first team in this region to make the championship game. The Seminole team has a solid offensive and defensive lines. The Falcons will need to control the line if they wish to control the game. The Falcon speed in the back field is at the top of the league with the backs of Derrel Knight, Isaiah Gray, Eric Hubbard, Davontre Venegar, and offensive organizer Austin Ryan.

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Kadi Prescott said...

Go Falcons!! Congrats on making playoffs Austin!! Let us know where the game is so we can come cheer you on!