Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Some of you might notice that I changed my blog title. I am no longer "beast mom" although my kids still think I am the beast (best) mom and that's all that matters. Today I was accused of "stealing" someone else's blog name. Which I had no idea I stole! Our title's were exactly the same. Go figure other kids misspell too???

Have you ever typed in a password to something and thought how could someone else possibly have the same numbers and letters as me? It's happened to me and it just happens that there is a million people on the internet! Or have you tried for a license plate and couldn't get it because it was already taken? You mean someone else thought of that??? Well she has a son who wrote her a cute letter at one time and misspelled best for beast. Same as Faith. We both happened to think it would make for a cute blog title. The difference is she is a talented writer for the Seattle and I am in no means a "writer" I just like to blog for family and friends to keep up on our home schooling journey. I also think it is a great way to look back on our school year on things we have done throughout the year. I don't understand why I would be of any threat to her.
Some of her "fans" commented on my blog and on her blog as well. (Which were not very nice) She "the other beast mom" posted a bulletin about me stealing her name which caused an outrage of her fans...saying I was using her name to get more publicity on my blog and how I shouldn't be stealing as a Christian etc. Come on....Publicity.... That is what I DON'T want! I am not looking to get famous off a blog. I am not a writer and do not think writing about our day at the farm would intereset anyone besides my kids grandma's! I enjoy posting things we do or writing what's on my mind in my free time. Sometimes I do get ideas from other home school mom's who blog and have been teaching their children for years. I look up to them and yes, sometimes I will copy an idea and blog about it. There are many blogging home school mom's and we all share our ideas.
Since Faith thinks I'm not only the "beast mom" she also thinks I'm the most "buttifull"(beautiful)mom too! So until I can come up with another name, spend hours searching the internet to make sure no one else in the world has the same name or idea as me....she can remain the beast and I'll become beauty.

On a lighter note: Faith loves to write me little love notes all the time. I love this age, because she is learning to spell and her notes are so precious to me and so cute. We actually started a journal and she will write to me before bed and I will write her back. Although, I do correct her spelling when I see it and she then knows how to spell it next time. She keeps coming up with new words that are funny. This morning she wrote: Dear Mom, You smell like a rosse(rose) so much. Stuf that I love ubat(about) you are wutrful (wonderful)and turu (true)and you are a rosse to me. Love, Fabuloose(Fabulous) Faith


melissa said...

I sat and watched this little charade w/ the blog title, and was very surprised at Beast mom-I was a fan of hers, but am disappointed in her "christian" behavior
A coincidence is just that!
Good Luck w/ homeschooling-looks like you're having fun! I am a mom of 5 and can relate to alot of your posts!(and former homeschooler)
God Bless!

Jennifer said...

That lady needs to get a life. If she's worried about you, then she's obviously not a good writer. And you are so buttiful, so that is agreat title too!

Shannon Hartz said...

Hi Bridget, I found your blog through Kadi's. What a blessing you are to your husband and lucky little ones:) Your "Issue" with the "Beast" mom is just too funny. But, it sounds like some of her readers got to check out your blog, and who knows maybe God will use it to reach or encourage other moms who would have never found it with out her little fit. Anyways, thanks for sharing... your commitment and passion to your family and faith is so encouraging:) Love, Shannon Hartz (previously Hicks)

Jo Jo said...

Sheesh! What a mess! I think you handled the situation very graciously and proved your point and your "Christian-y" attitude! Love ya,