Sunday, July 10, 2011

cylis birth

We celebrated Father's Day by taking Daddy out shooting...

then went on a hike and bike ride.

I think my family forgets I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant!

Then we finished with the kids and I making Daddy a nice dinner and some yummy peach cobbler:)

Father's day was bittersweet this year as I haven't seen my own Dad much this year but was happy to celebrate it with my husband who will be a new Daddy again!

We have been enjoying our summer days. It feels so good to wake up and know we don't have our normal school schedule we can just play and be free.....

We got season passes to a near by waterpark. It's been nice to take the kids there once or twice a week and cool off. The big kids go on the waterslides while the younger ones play in the kiddie pool right in front of the lounge chairs. I lay there sipping my ice tea and every once in awhile will dip in to cool off. I know my time of relaxing is coming to an end!

The weekends have been filled with birthday parties..

In the last 2 weeks we have attended 11 birthday parties between all the kids:)

My poor unsocial children. ha!

All but 2 of the cousins have birthdays in the summer too. So it makes for tons of birthday fun.

Just think next year we will have a big 1st birthday to celebrate too:)

I say we just have one big carnival birthday next year!

My brothers son Cylis turned 4...

Here's some pics from his party...

all the cousins!

Austin is the oldest and the one to break open spiderman!

Here's a short video of the girls diggin' Cylis's new ride!

4th of July!

We played water volleyball.

My sister Brianna her husband John,

Justin and I were all on one team.

My other sister Brenda and her husband Scott were on a team with my brother Brad and his girlfriend Jamie.

We had a blast!

We throw the kids in the jacuzzi peecuzzi as my brother calls it. ha!

While the parents play. Good times!

My team won! My brother hates to loose and we kept teasing him that he lost to a girl, a very pregnant girl:)

Every year my Grandparents senior park holds a 4th of July parade. I think "we" are the parade!

Farrah loves her Uncle Brad

After the parade, swimming and beating my brother in volleyball just our family went to go watch fireworks at Redlands University. Best show I've seen.

My pictures are all out of order, but here is the loosing team. Scott my brother-in-law. Who is about to become a Dad soon. Him and my sister are in the process of adopting:)

I'm so excited for them!Let Freedom Ring with ring pops:)

The parade.

That's my Grandma in the fancy golf cart she's in charge of the Muncheon Luncheon, my kids and all the cousins, then my Grandpa in the far back driving. He's in charge of the Recycle Club haha!

Aren't they cute!

They love showing off all their great grand children!

Here's the kids at the 9pm firework show. I think I was sleeping when Daddy took this...I was beat!

My Grandpa! We are so close and I love our talks!!!!!

watching the fireworks just before the sprinklers came on!

my star child:)

I think we went a little crazy with the paint this year!

Maggie is always in the parade too and so is this hot Granny! haha!

This was Sunday night dinner. I did a 4th of July theme.

Here is Daddy making red white a blue drinks for the kids.

We read books about the 4th of July and why we celebrate it. It was so neat to hear the kids say, "we've been to Independance Hall."

They learned so much history on our trip and I'm surprised at how much they remember. Even the little ones:)

Dancing after the parade....they told us they are going to get married when they grow up!

I love this picture above. This sweet man came up to Farrah and asked her to dance. He twirled her around and she just loved it!

then went back to dancing with her future husband.

Our Sunday night dinner....Daddy reading a story to our young patriots:)

The kids and I made this for our Sunday night dinner....

more parade pictures....

note to self:

hide all markers before Fallon arrives.

his request:

I hope your all enjoying your summer as much as we are!


Jules(: said...

Great pictures! I can't wait to see the next one on the journey. Children really are a blessing from God, and I can't wait until I get married and have children.

By the way, how did you do I think Farrah's hair in one of the pictures? It was like a dutch braid updo? Haha.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE all of the pictures!

We MISS you all!

Laurel :)

Aimie said...

So much love and fun at your home!!

You are one lucky family!!

Love ya!!