Friday, July 8, 2011

Love Notes

Today two of my babies big kids left for summer camp.

They will only be gone 3 days but it's the first night and I'm already missing them:/

I'm sure there probably yelling “Who rocks the house?” until their blue in the face as I type this. Not even thinking about missing home. sigh.

I'm happy for them, and I know they are going to enjoy every minute and make such neat memories.

I've prayed for them this week that God will open their hearts to all he has for them this weekend and that they will grow in their walk because of this trip:)

I just have to share,

Faith wrote each of us a note (on her cute little stationary)

Dear Dad,

Thank you for working hard for us so we can do fun things! I love you so much! I'm glad we get to spend nights together at prom! You are the coolest dad in the world. Thank you for working for this family! Thank you for driving us across the country! Thank you for making money so we can have this house! When your gone I always wish you were here! That's why I like the weekends! Have a good day at work. I love you Dad! You set a very good example for us. Your the best Dad in the world!

Love, Faith

melt me!

Dear Mom,

I love you soooo much. I'm glad I was put in this family! I love this house and my room. I love you sooo much. It's fun when we can go for a drive all by ourselves!

Love, Faith

love this girl!

Dear Austin,

God Bless you Austin. It's so good to have a big brother around! Especially when your chain breaks on your bike or when you need help with a project! I'm glad God gave me a big brother! Your awesome! I love you so much! I hope you can use your talents for Him.

Love, Faith


Dear Landen,

Your such a good brother, even when your wild! I will admit you are better than me in most things. I'm sorry about all the fits we have. I'll try to be a better sister. Yes, I do love you! I hope God can use your talents and energy for something to serve him.

Love, Faith

haha too sweet!

Dear Farrah,

I love you so much! Don't worry even when your older you'll still be a princess! You are such a good little sister to me. I love when you always want to hold my hand or you want to wear your boots because I'm wearing mine. I'm glad I'm your partner!

Love, Faith

they are so close even though they are 6 yrs apart.

Dear Finley,

I love you so much! It's good to have a little sister like you around. Your funny and you always want to snuggle. Your so pretty and sweet.

Love, Faith


On another note...I'm 2 days short of 34 weeks!

I haven't been giving the little girls baths because of my big belly:)

It's hard to get up and down so I've just been throwing them in the shower.

Tonight Farrah said, "Mommy when are you going to stop spraying us off and just bath tub us again?"

I thought that was too cute!

I told her,

"Soon honey....we don't have much longer:)"

She has been asking almost every day since December, "when is the baby coming out?"

I'm sure she's starting to wonder if her Mommy will ever be normal again.

I took these pictures of me actually to send to my husband while he was at work. ha! By the time he gets home from work my hair is usually pulled up in a messy mom bun, I'm a sweaty mess and I have changed into whatever is comfy. Now days a moomoo. Poor guy! So, I sent him these because I did my hair, make-up and put on a dress. For once, maybe twice this pregnancy:0

I was getting ready to head out the door to a "baby sprinkle" my Mom and sisters were throwing me:) I'll share pics later.

I am seriously so excited to meet Fallon. It's so exciting to see who God will send to bless us with this time. Each of our children are so unique and precious. I can't wait to see the faces of my children as they see their little sister for the first time!

Not saying I'm the best Mom, but I really feel like I become a better Mom with each child I have. Maybe it's because I have more love:) oh...and the smell....It will be so nice to kiss and smell a little one again. I love the newborn scent, it's so sweet!

I also can't wait to share this time with my husband. I really believe the birth of a baby is the ultimate fulfillment of love between a husband and wife. I love him more with each child we have!

Ok, I'm getting mushy, but I just can. not. wait!

I feel so blessed that God has decided to reward us again with another little love:)


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

You are ADORABLE!!!

miss you,

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Bridget I am so glad your in my life......your wonderful!

see you soon!

you big sis ;-)

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

You look fantastic and you're so blessed!!!

olsonpitcrew said...

OH.MY.GOODNESS. How adorable were Faith's letters! Proves you are doing an INCREDIBLE job raising her, and all your kids. For her to already show love like that, so deeply. You are beautiful pregnant and the joy of the Lord just radiates through you! Blessings to you these last few weeks!!

Jan said...

Faith is the sweetest...and you are beyond cuteness!

Valerie said...

precious!!! Thanks for sharing the sweetness, it was a wonderful blessing to read this morning :-)

The Beaver Bunch said...

Faith has such a tender heart! I love it!

I hear ya on being excited. I am almost giddy at the thought of smelling a new baby head again. I think with each pregnancy, I get more and more excited because I KNOW the blessing that is coming!

Excited to see what sweet Fallon looks like!