Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How much can I squeeze into one day......

or one post for that matter???

Since I can't carry down the dirty clothes that seem to pile up daily, this guy has been helping out extra these days....

that and lifting groceries, filling up the gas tank, lifting girls into grocery carts, crawling into the attic to get out baby items, even tying my shoes etc...Things that I can't do right now with this big ol' belly!

I'm glad to have him around!

This week he even put the crib together while Daddy was at work!

The kids were in a spelling bee, they did pretty good but nerves got the best of them.

Faith ended up taking 2nd in her grade level.

I mentioned I went to Texas, where my sweet friend spent some time teaching me to sew! Here's my first skirt! Simple but cute:)

Faith, Finley and the new baby have one to match!

The new baby does have a name now......

We have decided on


Still working on a middle name:)

The boys graduated! Austin 6th grade and Landen Kindergarten!

We had a little ceremony in our classroom and invited family over to attend. Landen sang a song and we talked about all he has accomplished this year. I had one requirement for him to get his graduation certificate. It was to tie his own shoe!

With Aunties help, he has mastered tying his own shoe and is now moving onto 1st grade!
Now, he can tie my shoes for the remainder of my pregnancy:)

Here's his song.....

Faith and Landen's birthdays are next week so I threw their parties into the graduation fun!

Landen informed me he wanted a baseball cake 20 min before guests were to arrive so I threw together this baseball cake....

don't judge:)

Then when I placed it in front of him, he said, "No, Mom I wanted a whole baseball field!"

He looks happy enough though, right? Especially because he had some chocolate cake too! (as you can see)

My baby boy is so big!!!!!

It's been a challenging year, but so thankful for the special time God has allowed me to have with this little booger!

At the homeschool fair the kids competed in some track and field events.

Austin didn't take home a ribbon for the spelling bee so he was determined to blow everyone away in running. He's very competitive....and very fast!

Landen tried his best too, he ran so fast he lost his shoe! ha!

then kicked them both off and did the long jump.

Baseball just ended..thank God! ( did I just type that out loud?)

It was fun watching my boys play but having a husband who coaches and boys on different teams with different days of practice and games....lets just say, I really don't like living at the field all week...and I really don't like the bathrooms at the's hard being pregnant and holding it, ya know!;)

Landen's team only lost one game and Austin's team ended up taking 4th in playoffs!

Back to the's Austin giving his speech. He had one last assignment and that was to write a speech and give it in front of family. He wanted to do a speech "gettysburg style."

We all giggled when he came out dressed as his favorite president and enjoyed listening to his speech.

He's so smart, yet still a goofy innocent little kid.

Just the way I like it, I wouldn't have it any other way!

He got an A+ and graduated 6th grade! He is moving onto 9th grade but still 7th socially.

He wants to graduate high school early and start college courses early.

Here's his's hard to hear in the middle because my sister couldn't keep her kids quiet. Just kidding, Brianna! We had a lot of little ones in a small room;)

some more grad pictures.......

We are excited to be taking a break from school and enjoying some summer fun!

We are busy getting ready for baby Fallon......

I can't wait to add her to the bunch!

I wonder what she will be like??? Who she will look like???

Oh, how could I end a post without this picture of Faith!

She turns the big 1-0 this month!

I am so blessed by her! She is amazing!!!!!

Soon there will be 10 cousins! 5 girls and 5 boys:)
(not counting my husbands side)

makes throwing a birthday party easy:)
instant party!!!!

This month for me is bittersweet as my baby boy is turning 6 and graduated from K, then my oldest graduating 6th grade, Faith turning double digits, and enjoying last kicks from baby Fallon.......Time if flying by!

I'm really trying not to blink;)


Marie Evelyne Lanathoua-Good said...

can't wait to see you!

blessedmom's simple home said...

I loved hearing that sweet song :) I remember my son do the laundry for me when I was pregnant with the twins. He was 10 at the time. My older son did all the mopping. I think my floors were cleaner than they've ever been since :) You have such a beautiful family.

The Yardley's said...

YOu are one busy momma! Congrats on all the graduations and fun birthdays!!!!LOVE the baby name!!!! Fallon's are the best!

Claire said...

What a brilliant post! And I love your name choice!


Brianna said...

They are all growing up too fast:( I tried to tell you to use the microphone and let Austin do his speech. I know how loud my kids can be. We'll have to make him dress up again and do a remake of his speech :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great pics. I LOVE great posts like this one. I REALLY LOVE the name Fallone! It is just wonderful!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Sounds like you all are keeping busy!

Just gotta say, though ... 2 boys in baseball is NOTHING. We had 3 in baseball and 2 in track this spring, which meant 6 baseball games and 3 track meets PER WEEK (plus practices). Yep! Busy is what we've been.

Miss you all soo.... much!

:) :) :)