Monday, May 23, 2011

I just got back from an amazing time in Texas with some blog friends:)
I felt like I got back from a retreat, all pumped and encouraged....I'll post some pictures and talk about that later.
I just had to share about a phone call I got. I seem to always be the friend that gets called when one of my friends finds out their pregnant. It's funny, I have the privilege of knowing before the family most of the time. Maybe because my friends KNOW that I will be thrilled at the announcement of a new baby!
The mother tells me the great news that she is having another baby. She wants someone to rejoice with her, but she is too scared to tell her parents or in-laws etc. They are likely to either throw a fit or ask, "do you know what causes that?"

Why is there such an aversion to the prospect of life?
Of course, once the little baby comes, all the grandparents will love the baby. Who can resist a sweet baby? But why do they, all the other ill-wishers, (and believe me there are many) put up every opposition at the contemplation of the child being born? Why have we assimilated the anti-child philosophy of this world? Or the 1-2 child per family.... Are we so easily squeezed into the molds of this world?
I can expect this attitude from those who don't acknowledge God, but it causes my heart to ache when I find it is the attitude of those who own the name of the Lord.
So, if your pregnant and what someone to rejoice with you, just call me up! I will be sure to scream and holler with excitement!


Kerry said...

thank you for standing up for life!!

I recently had someone say that I had "too many" brothers and sisters. I promptly asked which one of them should not be here.

Each life is a HUGE gift, and thank you again for defending the defenseless!

Mariel said...

I feel the same way and have the same questions. This is probably the biggest reason that I'm holding off on having more kids. Although my husband and I come from Christian homes, there will be no rejoicing or excitement at the announcement of baby #5. I might need your number if we decide to go ahead with having another so I can at least have 1 person scream with excitement right along with me =p. I do hope people will become more accepting of large families once again.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Well said!!! I only have two, and I only wanted two, but I love when I here other families are having more. I joke that I have friends with dogs and babies, so I don't have to. :) People who criticize are just plain mean. It doesn't make any sense.

EveryGoodGift said...

LOL! I am that person here were I am :o) It is PRETTY OBVIOUS that I adore babies...and children. And my children adore them as well. I LOVE when a friend will come to me and ask me to pray for them because they want a baby...or that they have conceived. As I pray for them...somehow I end up in the same condition. That has happened about 4 or 5 times now...NO JOKE! I LOVE how the Lord works. Keep encouraging those ladies...that is what we are supposed to do. Children ARE a matter what this backwards world around us seems to think...or accept. If the Word says it...then IT IS!!!!!!!! hugs!

Kelli Z. said...

Amen! I don't get it either!

Amber Leggio said...

I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. We had to stop because of some medical issues with me being pregnant, but we are about to start the adoption process and we are so excited to grow our family. This little one will make us a family of 6. We can't wait.

Lindsey said...

Amen! I wish I could find more people IRL who feel as passionately about this is I do and you so wonderfully expressed. It is SO hard for me to even find a church home when it seems most church-going folks these days live like the rest of the world and don't even think twice to limit their family size for selfish reasons. Half the time I hesitate to even speak up on this issue because ppl react so harshly. The Bible IS just as relevant today as it was back then and I'm so saddened that most Christians pick and choose what to believe/follow and when it comes to material wealth vs. children, children are always the first to go. It is so, so sad. Good for you to post this!

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I get those calls here too!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! It is such an important thing to be an encouragement! That is why I love throwing baby showers!!! My favortie are for mommas who have had more than 3 or 4 babies! I love when their family members ask me why I am having a baby shower for them!


Valerie said...

I agree! It is so hard to watch sometimes. I have seen people react to friends of mine (announcing their 4th or 5th or *gasp* 6th) as if someone had just told them someone died :(
I also am always the one who gets the phone calls because I will ALWAYS rejoice!

Sophie said...

This is so true, sometimes so called Christian take on such a negative attitude when it comes to this topic, or the topic of adoption. It's so sad because they are not displaying the heart or love of Jesus with this type of attitude and as fellow Christians we need to call them out on it!

When are you due by the way?

Grace said...

I agree with 'almost' everything you said there.

"I can expect this attitude from those who don't acknowledge God, but it causes my heart to ache when I find it is the attitude of those who own the name of the Lord."

That is not very fair. I do not follow any religion but I certainly know how cherished and much wanted children are. My husband and I are pregnant with number 7.
We have received negative comments from religious and non religious people and I do not expect one to accept us more than the other.
No matter what people choose in their lives, talking about size of families is no ones business but the family who are raising them.

The Conway's said...

Love this!!

Anonymous said...

babies = JOY!

asiangarden said...

OH my, ya, I could have written this!