Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Wow, you guys are good!"

Last weekend we decorated the house. The girls destroyed my mini Christmas village while I was trying to set it up had just a lovely time decorating the inside of the house...
Last year while in Virginia we visited Williamsburg. Williamsburg at Christmas is beautiful!
It inspired us to decorate with a more naturalistic style.
So we gathered what we had around the outside of our house and decorated the inside:)

While the boys hung the lights and got a good lesson on making sure you check the lights to make sure they work before hanging them!

We took a trip to go see Santa...FYI don't go to the ghetto mall in San Bernardino. I'll keep it at that. He fell asleep while the kids were talking to him. I played it off and told the kids he was really tired getting ready for Christmas.
Finley was scared of him, which I don't blame her. He wasn't a very convincing Santa. She cried and didn't want to sit on his lap. So Santa suggested I sit on his lap and hold Finley.
No thank you Santa.
This visit was worst than the year we took the kids to visit the Santa that couldn't speak English.
Ho. Ho. Ho. Feliz Navidad
I guess that's all he really needed to say...but he wasn't convincing AT ALL. ha!

It gave us all a good laugh and a visit the kids will never forget!
Santa fell asleep!

Landen was cool and didn't have a problem telling Santa what he wanted...
The cool look faded real fast when Santa asked if he had been a good boy.
You should of seen the look of panic across his face....

Finley ended up sitting on big brother Austin's lap and felt safe.
She asked Santa for a barbie car, barbie house, barbie clothes, barbie shoes....this was when we first saw Santa start to dose off.
Another FYI, don't go visit Santa after 5pm . Santa is over it....he's tired and could care less what you are rambling on about. He drifts in and out of sleep and just nods his head.

Landen asked for a gun. I think that's when Santa woke up with wide eyes.

If Santa wasn't sleeping he would of heard that Landen wanted the Nerf N Strike Recon CS-6 not the Stampede ECs or the Spectre Rev-5 but the CS-6 Blaster.
Got that Santa?!

Finley should of asked for socks that fit:)
Actually, all the kids should of asked for socks. They don't need more toys just socks;)

Farrah ran right up to Santa and gave him a big hug. Sat right down on his lap and started putting in her requests.
Listen here Santa...
I want need a princess bike with the baby carrier on it so I can carry my babies. I want need the princess helmet to match....she went on and on about the stuff she needs....

Faith...oh sweet Faith. She just asked for a Snuggie.
And in her sweet voice...." maybe a reading light in my stocking if it wouldn't be too much."
I told her, "Faith honey, your 9 years old not 69!"
That's what she wants more than anything...

Ok. won't argue that:)

A couple months ago Faith found out about Santa. Faith has been in lovvvve with Santa. Not just a December love but all year long. So much I didn't have the heart to tell her. We don't really push the Santa thing but go with it. It's fun. Well, Faith went to her Tuesday school and started talking about Santa in class. All the kids in class started laughing and making fun of her. My heart broke. We talked, hugged and I went and gave those rotten kids a piece of my mind both cried. We had a good long talk. She said, " I don't need Santa or the Tooth fairy, I have Jesus and I know he's real."
It was a great talk the two of us had.
Then a couple days later out of the blue she said, "How did you get my piano in the house and under the tree without me knowing?"

She started thinking back on past Christmases...then laughed, "Wow, you guys are good!"

After our visit with sleepy Santa we went out to dinner.

Then came home and Landen played Santa....

Ho. Ho. Ho. Have you been a good little girl?....
Then Daddy put the kids to bed while this sleepy Santa snuck out to do some late night hunting shopping.
Because, we are good like that;)


Shannon said...

So, funny... all of it. My Savannah just turned 10 and she wants chickens and a boy dog for Christmas. Strange child, but am quite impressed. We ran into some friends in town last night and their two daughters have asked for a computer and cell phone.... and they are 9 & 6. Makes me very thankful that my kid's requests are not so "big"... although, we did make it clear Savannah will not be getting those chickens or the dog.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE all of the pics!!!