Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let me bring you up to date.....

With a ton of pictures...36 to be exact!
Our school room is almost done.
Did I mention we have a fireplace in our school room:)?
Since we usually wear PJ's, tutu's or old costumes to "school" it's nice to have the fireplace on cold mornings.

Football is over:(

Actually the kids aren't in any sports at this time.

We are waiting until after the holidays. Farrah and Finley want to take Ballet. Faith wants to take ice skating. (yikes!) I want Landen to do gymnastics since he master a cart wheel at 3 and can now do a front handspring. He just wants to play football and nothing else. He can't wait to get out there with his older brother. Most days you can find them both in full pads just going at it in the backyard.

The Ducks didn't win a game all season. Finally on the last game they won!

I took a few boys home the other day after practice...and I thought I was gonna die!


They sure clean up nice:)

They ended the season with a banquet. The cheerleaders cooked for them.

We decided to have Thanksgiving at our house after all....

The kids got busy making napkin rings....

err...I mean busy making a mess.

We cleared out our sunroom and lined tables for everyone to fit.

Our thankful tree....We are all so thankful that in one year we have made a full circle.

Traveled the US and back home safe in a new house.

God is good!

The kids made hats for all the cousins....... Finley didn't like hers:(

My sister and parents drove up the night before and stayed the night.

My parents stayed in their 5th wheel. They got a good taste of how we lived the last year.

My Dad woke up and didn't realize where he was for a quick minute.

I remember doing that so many mornings...I would wake up and think, "where am I?" Oh, yes, Walmart in Maryland. LOL

The kids enjoyed helping cook....

Austin crying cutting the onions...Faith thought it was so funny!

All the lil pilgrims....

While the turkey was in the oven my sister took some family pictures of us...

Down the street from our house are these beautiful tree's....

Thanksgiving is over and now onto Christmas....

The kids performed for the senior community where my Grandparents live.

Finley my lil helper....wardrobe change.

Daddy took an hour off work to help me back stage:)

The kids had to change really fast...Daddy did a great job.

From Mary to Wiseman in seconds! Yes, I made him practice. We had many dress rehearsals at home.

They had programs made up with the kids names on them.

They got to eat a special lunch and the ladies at the park gave them stockings filled with goodies.

Watch out Donny and Marie....

I love that Austin can be a stud out on the field but will dance with his sister on stage too!

My cast!

I was so worried Landen and Farrah would forget their lines or mess up...

It turned out perfect.

It even brought tears to many of their eyes.

The kids and I prayed before the performance that we would have fun and that it would bless the people watching.

We had many people come up to us, even one lady who only has a few weeks to live.

She said she was so blessed by the kids. She doesn't have much energy but was happy she musterd up enough to come out that day and watch the kids perform.

There was about 100 people....

And what do you know, my kids love the spotlight!

They sang their little hearts out and did an amazing job!

One lady asked where they get their training. ha! She just couldn't believe they are homeschooled. Little ol' me (with no masters in education) could put this together.

I did tell her I was in SAG. ha!

And...that these two don't need training they are a natural on stage!

I couldn't be more proud!

Mary did drop baby Jesus on his head and Finely did walk out on stage picking her nose...besides that the message got across and it was a beautiful performance:)

After the play the older kids went shopping with Grandma for Christmas PJ's and the little ones went with me to model for Beary Basics again.

Farrah lives for being in front of the camera....

Can you tell? She's 3 people! Where does she get these moves?

The photographer, Stephanie said, "I thought you were a pretty conservative Mom!" ha!

I am...I guess the fur coat brought out the diva in her!

We were working with no nap too!

Farrah's famous pose...the finger to the cheek and hold.......

Finley about had it with Farrah stealing the show....She literally pushed Farrah against the wall and started doing her own poses.

Move over big sister.......I'm the next top model. ha!

They soon decided to model together:)

Beary Basics is having a 60% off sale. Head on over to their facebook page and message Stephanie. Most dresses are $20 and fur coats are $35 reg $60. While supplies last.

I hope you are all enjoying this special time of year....

We are...Clark (my name for my husband around the holidays)and the boys hung the lights last weekend. The girls and I decorated the inside. We took a trip to see Santa last night(Santa fell asleep while the kids were talking to him. I'm not kidding! Either that or he was drunk. I'm not kidding!) I got some late night shopping done. Writing out Christmas cards and getting a tree today.

Ok, I think you have had enough of us and all these pictures! Thanks for stopping by to visit the blog.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE the pics!

You are on my list to call today ... but my list is very long.

Wondering if we can come for a quick visit ... Saturday night?

I'll call ...

"Big Sis"

BARBIE said...

Ha! I have an almost identical picture of Jack doing a handwriting sheet dressed as Spiderman. Isn't homeschooling grand?? Great pictures! The kids look absolutely adorable as Mary and Joseph and I'm so jealous that you have all you're family near to come over for Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas!

Sharee said...

Just found you blog. I love it! Thanks for updating again! Your an inspiration. The program you had your kids do looks so cute! What a good mother you are.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture with the tree in the background...how vibrant and beautiful.....but I don't expect anything else from the beautiful Ryan family. Thanks for the update....your family is wonderful!

Trisha said...

Okay this shot of Finley bending over is so stinkin' cute!

Jessica said...

What great memories! So glad you are safe after your long road trip. Love the pics!