Saturday, November 13, 2010

Road Trip Video!

We have tons of video and photos from our trip. We picked a "few" and made this video. I'm working on making a big video but it will be about 3 hrs long. ha! I won't bore you. Here's just a sample:)
Thank you Austin for uploading all these! I love my family! Best trip EVER!

Make an on-line slide show at


Joyce said...

This was great! I loved that last song especially : ) Such a lot of wonderful memories for you and your family...we've done loads of traveling with our girls and I don't think anything bonds you quite like traveling as a family.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE it! I think we need to make a video from our trip, too.

Your kids will treasure these memories for the rest of their lives. (You will, too.)

We miss your smiling faces, and would LOVE to see you when we come through your way next month.

How's the new house? Do we get to see pics of the inside?

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

"Big Sis"

Dionna said...

You've got some pretty special and beautiful pics in there! You will treasure those memories always. (Fun songs too!)

Laci said...

I loved watching that. I think it's so awesome that you guys were able to experience that as a family!! Thanks for sharing!! Adorable pictures too.

Living Free said...

Great video! Your blog has been such an inspiration to our family.

Allen Lundy said...

Awesome! Simply awesome. Hope to see you on the road again soon.