Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I mean well....

I just emailed a friend back . She sent me an email in May.
May, it's what now Oct or Nov..I can't keep up.

Oh, it's November????
What's that you say??? The last day of November!!
How did that happen?
Yikes!...I am a horrible friend.

She was wishing me a Happy Mothers Day.
Now, I'm wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas?!

Time is flying by.....

She got back to me right away...(as most good friends do.)
My sweet friends response to me:

No apologies necessary, I would never consider you a poor friend! I would consider you a very busy wife and mother who tries her best to prioritize and serve God. I am the same way. Constantly trying to make sure I am in the Word, meeting my husband's needs as a partner and helpmate and trying to install Godly ways and thinking into my kids. It's sooooo hard.....as I think the enemy is so good at distracting and discouraging me!

She was so encouraging and is such a blessing to me.

I am really trying to focus on what is eternally important.
It's so hard to keep up with everything and everyone!
I thank God for friends who understand!

This is a busy season in life for many of us!
Thanks to all of you for being this slackers friend!
I mean well...really!
Happy 11th Anniversary to us! well...that was a couple weeks ago. ha!


Anonymous said...

You both radiate happiness and love......your such a beautiful person Bridget....my friends and I start were we left off...sometimes a year later......that is what love is all about!


Love you


Rossie said...

I love beautiful friends like that!! Happy belated anniversary...you and your WHOLE family are so gorgeous!! God bless you my friend!

Jenny said...

AHHHH such a darling picture!!! God Bless!!!

ajnrileysmommy said...

i feel ya girl!!
you look gor.geous.
in that picture! :)