Friday, December 9, 2011

I had a dream last night Fallon started walking. I was super sad because she was only 3 months old. I felt like I was getting cheated out of the baby stage. I want her to stay little forever! ha
I'm just loving this baby stage, I actually love all the different stages in this house:)
From newborn,toddler,pre-k,early elementary,upper elementary and jr. high!
They are all so different and learning so much.
It's busy but never boring.
How is it Christmas already? We haven't even finished our Halloween candy!ha.
Speaking of Halloween candy,while doing laundry, I found 2 Skittle and 3 snickers wrappers in Landen's pants pocket. I had to question him on if he had 2 skittles and 3 snickers(he must of found my secret stash) he just looked at me like, how does she know?
I said, "Nothing gets past Mom!"
That's when Farrah walks in with her hand on her hip and says, "oh yes it does!" Followed by a giggle and snort!
Those 2 middle children, Lord help me! They keep me on my toes!

Fallon's 1st Halloween. We were just moving in and wasn't sure we were even going to celebrate. Some of our own personal convictions. I should know myself better, I always say I will keep it low key then I get an idea and's like a disease. I can't stop! Pinterest isn't helping either. I'll see something and just build off of it. I don't have time for it, but I sure love being creative when it comes to things for my kids. The night before Halloween I put together costumes for the kids. A onesie , scrap material, yellow yarn and a late night with my glue gun!
I took the kids to see Dolphin Tale when it came out. Cute movie. Landen wanted me to make him the costume of Winter the dolphin in the movie. I just so happen to find a dolphin costume at the thrift store and planned on doing up the tail. Then he changed his mind. Of course he did! The kids did great in the theatre and Fallon just nursed the whole 2 hours! ha! She does seem to nurse all day long. Seems like that's all I do in between loads of laundry. It's only a season. I know someday I will miss this season and give anything to snuggle my baby and nurse her. Or do a dirty load of cute little boy jeans with grass stains and cute little girls dresses.
I was told the other day by a mother that she would have more kids if they were as good as mine. She also said, she can't seem to get anything done with them and that I have it easier because I can just take mine with me when I run errands.
Yes, my children are pretty good. But, they are normal kids! The have meltdowns in the store, they cry and beg for toys at checkout etc... I don't mean to pat myself on the back but I do want the credit for all the discipline and correcting I do day in and day out.ha! They are this way for a reason:)
I put a lot of energy into parenting these kids and I know this is why we can do all the things we do. I believe you need to train your kids to sit quiet through a movie, dinner and most important church!
Which we had the pleasure of trying out a new church. A small church, I think our family took up half the congergation. ha! If my kids even whispered, everyone would hear. I was very nervous as we sat in the back pew. I can say that the kids did a wonderful job and we were very blessed to worship together as a family. There is nothing more precious than worshipping together as a family. My heart just melts when I hear my little ones singing and constantly looking up at their Daddy to see if he's singing too. They get this look of fullfillment on their little faces when they see Mommy and Daddy singing too. I can't explain family worship, but for those of you who go to a church where you do this, you know what I'm talking about!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch and our attempt at our first pinterst craft. Candy corn shirts.
Finley's last minute costume. If you asked her who she was, she said, "Tiffany's at Dinner." She had no idea who she was but it was last minute and it involved a dress,pearls and a tiara. She was happy!

this picture below makes me laugh, the hands of a pinterest addict

again, ignore the orange hands! just look at that sweet baby!

We carved pumpkins and Daddy decided to stick Fallon in the pumpkin....

she just sat in there while the other kids carved their pumpkins.

Farrah picking out Fallon's 1st pumpkin....
these two did the corn maze and for a minute I started to worry because it took them along time to come out. They just got a cell phone to "share" they don't use it much but for emergency type things....I called their cell phone!
Faith also uses it for taking tons of pictures of her new baby sister. She started a video diary on it as well called, "Good Luck Fallon." funny stuff!

we did a little boutique shopping, Faith took this pic of me with her cell phone. She said I was the best teacher! (with orange hands)

kissing my chef! Austin's last minute costume $6 total!

My favorite to make was the peacock princess. Farrah's got a thing for peacocks anyway so I asked if she wanted to be a peacock. She said no! Then I asked her if she wanted to be a peacock princess and she jumped up and down and said Yes!!!!! hehe

really mom?

When I was done,she LOVED her costume!
These boys are going to make great husbands some day! Look how much they enjoy doing dishes:) No, really these two have a system down and can get dishes done in no time!
what a good brother!Every week we would shop at Fresh and Easy. This was our first trip with Fallon and our last trip to that store before moving. We are very well known there. haha! Maybe because my kids eat all the samples. They were sad to see us go, gave the kids suckers and me flowers. I am going to miss all the friends we made while living in Redlands.
and...this one has stole his heart too!
Fallon Love 3 months! So happy!


Robin said...

love all of the pics and LOVED the halloween candy story. I have an 8 year old who still asks me for every piece of candy, but my 4 year old is famous for sneaking candy into her closet. They are all so different! :)

Happy holidays. :)

Ashhog said...

Such creative halloween costumes! You did a great job! I too am addicted to pinterest! I've found SO many great things to do with the kids on there!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Love, Love, Love all of the pics!!!

. said...

love your blog and reading about your sweet family.

Too Many Kids In The Bathtub said...

I love your fingers! You would have never noticed if you hadn't pointed them out! ;)
You are so sweet! I am so proud of you Bridget!


Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about why you moved? I thought the last house with the red front door was "home" so I was surprised to read you all have moved again.

Leggio said...

It is so wonderful to see families embracing more children. We are in the process of adopting, we have 3 biological boys and we are adopting a little girl. Children are a blessing from the Lord and I love that your family sees that. We homeschool too. May God Bless what you are doing. I love all the ideas you put on your blog about what fun things you do with your kiddos. We use MFW for homeschooling too. I need to be more fun though. :) Merry Christmas from Texas!!!!!

The Every Day Extraordinary said...

So sweet and creative!!

Damaris said...

Oh my gosh.. I was cracking up at how cute Fallon looked inside the pumpkin! Her wide eyed expression... loved it! Also loved her Rapunzel costume! hahaha! Great job on the costumes, they were great!

We went to that pumpkin patch this year, after a visit to Law's for breakfast up in Oak Glen. We really liked it, way better than any we've been to before.

It was great "catching up" with you and your family. All the best in your new home!