Sunday, November 20, 2011

Before Fallon was born and the week after....

The kids always like to paint my big belly right before I'm about to pop!
This time around they decided they wanted to paint my belly like a fish bowl. Each of them painting their own fish.
Daddy painted the outline and the kids painted the design of each of their fish.
Farrah was in shock at how big my belly was!
Finley just thought it was funny!
This pictures just makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
Finley wanted her belly painted too!

This was on Monday night, Tuesday night kids spent the night at Nana's so that we could be up early Wed to go to the hospital. Needless to say, painting my belly 2 days before my c-section wasn't the best idea.
I couldn't get all the paint off! It had dyed my skin.
So the doctor had to cut into the fish bowl to remove Fallon:)

Fallon's 1st week home....

The girls are loving their new baby (doll)
The first week home Daddy had to work and the kids and I just enjoyed Fallon...
Holding my baby, with kids all around me begging to hold her next...
that is until she decides to spit up on them lol

We celebrated Austin's 12th birthday. He said Fallon was the best gift ever. He wouldn't even let me hold her while he blew out his candles:)

I made it out to the 2nd game with Fallon in the Moby.

Daddy coaching

Faith cheering Austin on...

Austin still playing QB. Here he is running the ball.

Then back to snuggling after the game....
I think I've made you wait long enough! Here's an updated picture of Fallon. Taken last week with my phone. She is so full of smiles and coo's

Football and Cheer is over for the year. How are these two so old already?!
Playing in their kitchen...
This was her "first smile" the first night we brought her home. Gas or not, it's still cute!
She just looked like a little angel. So perfect!

Playing with Fallon's piggies....
My heart is so full!

My first walk around the block in my big ol' pink stroller!!!!
We got stopped a few times and many looks.
Strangest comment: Are they triplets?
Um, do they look like triplets???
Some people scare me, I mean really!

Enjoying their sister, her first week home!
I am trying to play catch up on the last 12 weeks.
So lots of pictures and not a lot of creative writing.


I am blessed! said...

She's so beautiful! You are blessed! Austin reminds me of my oldest son. I swear, he can't walk by the baby without picking him up! Hopefully, we're bringing these boys up to be good daddies!

Congrats to your family!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Yea for Pictures!

Thanks from your none FB friends.

My kids LOVED the pics of painting the tummy. Too funny!

Don't worry about creative writing ... just keep us updated with pics. :)


"Big Sis"

Ashhog said...

Fallon is such a doll! Where do you get all your girls clothes? SO adorable!!! I am so impressed that your first week home with your 6th baby, you are still managing to dress your kids cute! Mine would probably have mismatched clothes that they picked out themselves! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE the pics! How sweet that all the older ones are so loving with their new little sister!

Dionna Sanchez said...

She is so beautiful and your kids are always dressed sooo cute!

Nicole said...

adorable, your family is gorgeous. I've been following you for awhile and I'm so happy to see the 6th addition. Good luck, keep posting!

Anonymous said...

she is so gorgeous and looks just like faith and farrah!
The comment about the triplets made me lol.
What are people thinking?!!!!