Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Fun Mom? She Thinks So.....

The other day while doing my hair, Faith was in the bathroom watching me. She was waiting her turn to use the curling iron. She's into doing her own hair now. I figure it's time since I will have 3 other little girls to get ready:) It's still hard because I want to dress her and do her hair the way I want to;)

Anyway, while doing my hair she out of the blue looked at me and said, "Mom, I can't wait to be a Mommy. You look like your having so much fun being our Mom." I think that was the best compliment I have even been given! I'm not always the nicest Mom and I'm sure glad she can see past all the stress that comes from raising kids:)

I just looked at her and said, "I love being a Mommy, I'm having the time of my life raising all you kids!"

I'm sure her comment had something to do with the tricks I played on them for April Fools:)

We had a picnic and I brought out Kool Aid. A rare treat.

The kids were excited......

Who wants Kool Aid?????

After a sip they all just looked at me like ewwwwwww...

Even Finley got mad and spit it out. haha

It was just water with red food coloring:)

I also stuffed the boys shoes with tissue so it was hard for them to get on in the morning.

My favorite trick was this...

Lately, every morning after Daddy leaves for work the kids crawl into bed with me and we watch a little cartoons and snuggle before we have to get up. This morning I got up early and went downstairs. I stuffed the blankets with pillows and stuck a little piece of blond hair out of the blankets. (I cut myself bangs again) They all came in bed and thought I was sleeping until Austin tried to wake me up and realized I wasn't there! Hahaha....

Don't think the kids didn't try teaming up against me with little tricks...

Landen kept going all week thinking he could play tricks on me. I had to let him know that it's only one day a year! April Fools doesn't last the whole month of April... It's now April 11th and he's still saying, "April Fools!"

Time to move onto Easter..........

I love how excited he looks in this picture.

"He is not here, for he has Risen!"

Landen's bible verse this week.

We went on an Easter egg hunt with a new homeschool group...

Finley had her big brother to help her....
They found lots of eggs.....
Farrah has been doing a lot of the same work Landen does...she loves to learn! Landen, not so much...he's just going to be a sign twirler he said. Lord help me!
After the kids said their memory verses they nailed them to a cross...

After months of hard work Landen and Faith performed in their musical!

Once Upon A Time Shop!

Landen looking cute as a little orphan boy....
Faith "Emma" singing her heart out!
The cast!
Each cast member did head shots all smiling and looking cute. As I looked on the board for my kids..........I see this:
Yep, that's my little sign twirler. *sigh!

We had a couple of hot days so these little ones enjoyed their new mini pool... (gosh, I miss our"real" pool!) Come this Aug. when I'm a big sweaty swollen blimp, I'm really going to miss it! I might just have to plop myself in here and pray nobody can see me!!!
Austin worked on his kiddie pool garden....It's doing good so far, but not sure how it will work out???
We had Great Grandma over and surprised her with a birthday party.

The 3 princesses...

This is my husbands grandma. Isn't she cute?
The Grandparents and Auntie came out to watch Landen and Faith perform.

Proud parents with their two stars after their 3rd performance that day!
We threw a little party for our 2 favorite cast members.....

They love the stage!

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Renata said...

Hi Bridget
Oh your Landen makes me laugh - a sigh turner.... how cute (not that there's anything wrong with that - this world needs a few good sign turners!!)!
I love, love, love your jokes. I have never thought to play jokes on my kids, but what a fun idea - I'll have to tuck it into the back of my head for next year.
I'm going to add you to my blogroll - hope that's alright- I enjoy your blog so much!
Have a wonderful "fun" day!