Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old news....

I am waaaay behind on blogging....

so some of this is old news.

I've been taking "coma naps"

and have been out of it.

coma naps: pregnant naps that knock you out and nothing can wake you up! (not even a screaming kid or two)

This baby is taking everything from me!

Don't worry the kids are all alive and the house is still standing....

Last week (wait..2 weeks ago) coma naps mess me up...was full of Valentines fun.

We enjoyed a Valentines play day.

Austin and Faith are such big helpers.

Lots of little ones....

We celebrated Berlyn's 1st birthday...all the cousins!

I think we're gonna need a bigger couch!
Cousins help Berlyn eat her cake!

Again, what would we do without Austin and Faith...they are so good with babies:)

My sweethearts!

We enjoyed a Valentines fondue party with some homeschool friends...

Austin made these, but I did find one that said, "I got my eye on you."

When I asked him who that was for he just smiled...

(I knew it was his crush he's had since 1st grade.)

silly boy...

I tried to keep myself under control at the fondue party...

Have you ever seen a pregnant lady at a fondue party? Exciting!

We had all kinds of goodies to dip in the fountain..I had to try everything.

Landen was in heaven too!

My friend asked Landen what he wanted to drink. She said, "we have water, juice, ice tea....."

Landen grabbed a cup and stuck it under the fountain and said, "no thank you, I'm fine with chocolate!"

I "think" he was joking???

Then again..

probably not!

Finley was in heaven too!

Full of giggles and chocolate smiles....

On Valentines I attempted to make a romantic dinner for Justin. The food turned out great.(I am getting better at this cooking) We had crab, lobster and fancy sides.
We had the table decorated with candles and the lights turned down....

nothing romantic about having 5 kids trying to dig meat out of their crabs.

It was fun anyway.

A night to remember.

Nothing romantic about me slipping into a coma right after dinner either.

My husband did surprise me with a house cleaner!
Best gift ever!

I think he's getting tired of picking up the slack around here:)

Farrah started "Ballerina school" a couple weeks ago...

I think I love dressing her for dance class just as much as she likes dance class itself:)...

She is taking tap and ballet...

I love watching her shake her little booty around and concentrate so much on each position...

I have to bring all the kids with me.

The older ones do their work and Landen usually is playing blocks....

aka: making guns with blocks and shooting the dancers.

Finley watches with me and can't wait until it's her turn....

Everyday Farrah wakes up and asks me, "do I have ballerina school today?"

I have to tell her over and over, "Friday is dance class!"

She loves Fridays!

and we are working on learning the days of the week!

Both boys started baseball too! Mondays and Wednesdays Austin has practice. Tuesdays and Thursdays Landen has practice. Of course, Friday is dance and Saturday is games. Then Faith has theatre on Thursdays and Sundays...Oh and I have Zumba (stop laughing) on Mon and Wed. I think my cabin fever is cured! *sigh*

Not to mention church, MOPS, field-trips, school etc....yes, were busy again!
I like to be busy though...
I still try and fit in coma naps in between:)

She loves ballerina school!

Can you tell?

and she loves.........

the new baby!

So, I still haven't seen a doc....yet
Getting in this week.
It's been hard to find one I trust!
I think I finally found one.
I think it's time to be seen...look how big I am!!!!

Helllllllllooooooooo belly....goodbye feet!

I know it looks like I was due last week, but I'm not due till Aug!


#6 isn't messin' around!

I'm hoping to get an ultrasound this coming week...

ok, I'm off to celebrate our dog Maggie Mae's 2nd bday. Faith just reminded me it was her birthday today. How dare I forget!

I better get to making that cake because I'm cool like thatbecause mama wants cake!


Michelle Bradley said...

Awe cant wait for Sienna to go to ballerina school as soon as she can she is starting :) Cant wait to hear about your doc visit! What a cute belly I have gained 7 lbs already and I just look chubby :) Oh just fyi you wrote that you ate "crap" lol :) I hope this was just a typo haha

Bridget said...

lol Michelle....let me go change that "p" to a "b"
I need to start looking over my posts before I hit publish!
Hope your feeling you know what your having yet? Take care!

Becky said...

We have 4 and home school as well. We have our kids in 1 activity each, but I can see it becoming more "interesting" as time goes on.

I would love to see a blog post some time (maybe you've already written one...) about how you make it work. As we have/adopt more kids I can see my home management dept. needing to amp it up a notch to keep things running smoothly and peaceful.

That is one thing about home schooling that I love. It makes all the extra curricular time not so bad :) I can't imagine having them gone all day at school and then having to do all the extras in the evenings. I would miss them so much!

Your kids are very cute btw. I really like the chocolate fountain idea for Valentines Day. :)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

A pregnant momma doing Zumba, please someone take pictures or video. :)

Michelle Bradley said...

Feeling alot better! :) We dont know what were having yet I do know its only 1. If I could guess I would say boy? who knows though I am kinda thinking I could wait until birth to find out but I have to convince Tim :) Hope your feeling better too!

arrowsinourfist said...

I am so glad you updated! :) Your family is so beautiful, and I am very excited to hear how that first appt goes.

Ashley DeLen said...

I don't leave a lot of comments but I love you blog! And I love your story! Mostly I just love that you are a home schooler with such style! I just love that! Enjoy the coma naps :O)

~1/2 a dozen~ said...

You're so round already! I'm wondering if you have #7 in there too!!!

Tracey said...

I remember coma naps. Hubs and I are worried that if I get pregnant again, the others would kill each other while I sleep.

And you are so busy, anyone would need a nap!!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I'm not pregnant and I could use a coma nap or two!

Dru said...

I am sure I am speaking for everyone when I say WE are DYING to know how your dr. Appt went!!! I know you are super busy, but I miss your blog updates.

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Hi! You are a beautiful mommy and loved seeing the ballerina pics. :) I'm a mom to six also. Nice to "meet you."