Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 23&24 (devils tower and small town fun)

Day 23

People often ask when we think we will be done living on the road.....

I don't know???

Walmart is starting to feel like home! ha!


We are on our #36th state and our goal was to visit all of them???

We aren't sure what the next season will bring, but for now we are enjoying this one.

We do still stay in Walmarts once or twice a week.

Depending on our driving. We are enjoying more campsites as well.

We get 50% off most of our campsites from clubs like Camping USA.and Passport America.

After we left Mount Rushmore we camped with our new friends, the Lundy5.

A family that digital scrapbooks their way around the US!

Check out their store here.

I'm going to start digital scrapbooking this trip as well!

Super easy, super cute!

We ALL (kids and adults) got along so well and had so much in common. We decided to camp together for a few days in Wyoming....

On our way to Devils Tower.

The Lundy5 and the Ryan7

on a hike at Devils Tower

Before visiting and doing the Jr. Ranger program at Devils Tower we made sure to read,

"Wonders of Geology." By Ken Ham

American Indians consider the area sacred, a place for prayer and renewal. We did see one Indian praying and making noises and banging a drum.

It made for a good life lesson for the kids.
Fieldtrips are so much more fun when friends come along!

Finley ended up being a crazy climber. She wants to keep up with all the older kids...

We saw a bunch of praire dogs and read about them as well.

The Dad's showing off for the kids...

On our way back to the campsite we chased the end of a rainbow....

looking for gold.....

It was beautiful!

and we did find the end....

in a field of gold!

God is so good isn't he?!?!

I just love all the things we are seeing:)

Margie Lundy took some really neat's a slideshow of pictures she took from Devils Tower.

Day 24

taking it easy in Beulah, Wyoming...
a small town, only a gas station and a saloon!

We wanted to go to church but since the saloon wasn't holding service we just hung out at camp. Allen Lundy use to be a worship leader so he lead us in some worship songs.

Great fellowship with a family we just met!

The kids played.....and played......and played!

Good old fashion playtime.

It's such a blessing to be able to provide such a simple, yet profound life on the road for our kids!

The kids found a swimming hole near by....

We had worship and sang songs around a campfire.

Saw heat lightning and learned about that.

Did crafts and painted..... everything when mom wasn't looking!



Don't worry Landen has a fake gun here. ha! Boys having fun just being boys!

The 3 Lundy kids are all adopted. One from Ukraine and two of them from the US.

We all know I love kids, but these 3 were just the sweetest things.

You can read about them on their blog.

Their story is amazing and I just love how God

placed them into such a loving family!

And a family that gets to travel, how cool!

I know I have a full plate and a handful of kids right now, but seeing these kids

and how they have been given such a wonderful life because two people were willing to love on them. I sure feel a big tug on my heart to love on some too!

There is so many kids out there that need love.

This is Matt, it was his birthday that day and he just stole my heart!

He plays the drums and sings his little heart out to the Lord with his cute little raspy voice.....

and these two beverly hillbilly know who they are.

they were busy struttin' their stuff at the swimmin' hole.

This is Lizzy, another sweetheart.

I cut 10 inches off her hair and her Mom Margie's hair for Locks of Love.

Faith and Lizzy are both artsy. They love to draw and make crafts. They enjoyed eachother from sun up to sun down..... They had fun making these dolls out of clothes pins, yarn and paper....

Farrah even made one...
and please just ignore my new 2 yr old!

Margie was so good about taking pictures, here's another slideshow from our day.

Small town fun.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

How fun to meet other homeschooling bloggers!! You are one blessed family. Have a great day!!

Claire said...

Such fun pics! So glad you had fun with your friends!


Ali said...

So good to read your blog. Looks like you had some great times with the Lundy's. Hope some day to meet up with you all.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I've enjoyed catching up on your trip. Lots of wonderful photos. It looks like both families had a great time. When we start back up with school, I may use your blog for my twins, to help them with their geography :-)

mommylori said...

how fun!!!!! I love reading both your blogs! Hopefully we will all meet up it looks like so much fun!

The Valentine's said...

Awesome post and wonderful, wonderful pictures, how perfect that you even got one with all of you in, love, love!

So happy you got to meet up with another FOTR, our kids have always enjoyed when that's happened this past year. We've hit our 48 states and are heading back to PA for a while...with every intention of getting back on the road in the future for the long drive up to Alaska (and maybe a flight to Hawaii); guess we'll have to think about Europe then...:)

Ali (the other one!)

Jennifer said...

Cool! We just did Devils Tower and the Badlands area this weekend!! What a great walk around the tower, isn't it??